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Tag: Firefox add-on

Scriptify for FirefoxScriptify for Firefox 0.2.4Mozilla Labs - Jetpack Prototype for ThunderbirdMozilla Labs - Jetpack Prototype for Thunderbird 0.8.2
JavaScript TerminalJavaScript Terminal 2.4Spiders HelperliSpiders Helperli 1.0.2
Fast Dial - telegaFast Dial 4.2.1Tab SearchTab Search 1.0.0
Do Not FoolDo Not Fool 1.0fireface - reiasefireface - reiase 0.2
Clear inputs - TeodorClear inputs - Teodor 0.2Open Multiple LocationsOpen Multiple Locations 0.5
About Add-ons - RealityRippleAbout Add-ons - RealityRipple 0.5.20110315App Button ClearApp Button Clear 1.0
The Middle Mouse Button - ffjonThe Middle Mouse Button - ffjon 1.00YSlow for ChromeYSlow for Chrome 2.1.0
Mobilify - Matt ClaypotchMobilify - Matt Claypotch 1.0bBrowse Periodically - masahal for internetBrowse Periodically - masahal for internet
FiresayFiresay 1.0.601 BetaMetal3DMetal3D 1.0.1
Download Scheduler - Tim Matthews for internetDownload Scheduler 1.7.4PageRank - kalehrishiPageRank - kalehrishi 1.2
Where Am O?Where Am O? 1.1about:addons Button - Ryan Fabbroabout:addons Button - Ryan Fabbro 1.5
ScrapBook - GomitaScrapBook 1.5.6Mobilize Web - TagemMobilize Web - Tagem 1.1
Enlarge your link!Enlarge your link! 0.0.1Movable Firefox ButtonMovable Firefox Button 1.1
Tab FlickTab Flick 0.3.7Password TagsPassword Tags 1.1
HTML 5 ValidatorHTML 5 Validator 0.1LinGuessedLinGuessed 1.0.2
OpenWith - Iron71OpenWith - Iron71 1.0.0Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Home DashMozilla Labs: Prospector - Home Dash 6
TeaTimer - Philipp SöhnleinTeaTimer - Philipp Söhnlein 1.2Always Right - dietrich ayala for internetAlways Right - dietrich ayala for internet 1.1
Change Panorama ShortcutChange Panorama Shortcut 0.1SpeechUtilSpeechUtil 0.1
SSLPersonas - BirdToeSSLPersonas - BirdToe 1.0.1Paste and Go - TheDayAfterTomorrow for internetPaste and Go - TheDayAfterTomorrow for internet 0.0.2
Wallpaper Rotator - Baris Derin for internetWallpaper Rotator - Baris Derin for internet 0.3Colorblinds Tool - T ReinhardtColorblinds Tool - T Reinhardt 1.2
Is It Compatible? - eternicode for internetIs It Compatible? - eternicode for internet 0.5.3Restartless App Button QuitRestartless App Button Quit 2
Easy App TabsEasy App Tabs 1Saved Passwords Button - Adam Franco for internetSaved Passwords Button - Adam Franco for internet 1.2.1
WikifyTabsWikifyTabs 1.0Foxy Detective - little sparkFoxy Detective - little spark 0.1.8
Alexa Sparky - Derrick Pallas, Nicole Hanusek, Rommel Ruelos, Geoff MackAlexa Sparky - Derrick Pallas, Nicole Hanusek, Rommel Ruelos, Geoff Mack 1.5.0Dr. Body Narrow - drumrockDr. Body Narrow - drumrock 1.0.6
bioFOX - Saleem MohammedbioFOX - Saleem Mohammed 1.6Test Pilot - The Mozilla OrganizationTest Pilot - The Mozilla Organization 1.0.3
InstarightInstaright FirefoxQuit Firefox 0.2
FireStorageFireStorage 0.7App Button ColorApp Button Color 1.0
LowBrowseLowBrowse 1.0kikinkikin
ScryveScryve 2.0Add-on SDK - MozillaAdd-on SDK - Mozilla 1.0
LinkExtend for FirefoxLinkExtend for Firefox 1.1.1ColdFire ColdFusion Debugger ColdFusion Debugger
Google Web History On/OffGoogle Web History On/Off 1.0Windows Media Player Firefox PluginWindows Media Player Firefox Plugin 1.0
AOL Toolbar for FirefoxAOL Toolbar for Firefox 5.0 Beta 1Small TooltipSmall Tooltip 0.9
LoginManagerLoginManager 1.2SafeHistorySafeHistory 0.8
CTCCTC 1.0Whois Firefox Add-onWhois Firefox Add-on 0.7
KeywordSelectionKeywordSelection 0.3.2Connection Manager Firefox Add-onConnection Manager Firefox Add-on 1.0
MozFBRHMozFBRH 0.8.7Mouse Gestures Firefox Add-onMouse Gestures Firefox Add-on 1.5.2
WellRounded Firefox Add-onWellRounded Firefox Add-on 2.01Feed Me Links ToolbarFeed Me Links Toolbar 1.2a_March_8_2007
Advanced Bookmark SearchAdvanced Bookmark Search 0.3IPISFFIPISFF 1.1.1
RenameTabsRenameTabs 0.2Antivir Current Virus Definitions UpdateAntivir Current Virus Definitions Update 1.1
netcrafttoolbarnetcrafttoolbar CompleteDel.icio.us Complete 1.3
Preferences in Tools MenuPreferences in Tools Menu 0.1CoogleCoogle 0.12
Bookmarks ScrollbarBookmarks Scrollbar 1.0.5PastePalettePastePalette 0.2
Webaroo Search RadarWebaroo Search Radar 2.0.6GoogleHotKeysGoogleHotKeys 1.01
OneClick Installer for WordpressOneClick Installer for Wordpress 1.0Eesti keele pakkEesti keele pakk 2.0.12
InDomainBookmarksInDomainBookmarks 0.7Delegate to Remember The MilkDelegate to Remember The Milk 1.0.1
LinkCounterLinkCounter 1.3.0DoD ConfigurationDoD Configuration 0.6.2
OakFlickr4PFFOakFlickr4PFF 0.4.0phpBB Advanced Quick Reply Quote EditphpBB Advanced Quick Reply Quote Edit 1.0
MyIP Firefox Add-onMyIP Firefox Add-on 0.53Water Levels of German Rivers, Wasserstaende Deutscher FluesseWater Levels of German Rivers, Wasserstaende Deutscher Fluesse 0.1.1
GBookmarks via Right ClickGBookmarks via Right Click 1.0SlimStatCheckerSlimStatChecker 1.02
ScrollBackScrollBack 1.0Search DomainSearch Domain 1.0
DebugLoggerDebugLogger 0.2.2Iswitchb-tabsIswitchb-tabs 0.1.1
ClickngoClickngo 1.1WordWiseLookup Firefox Add-onWordWiseLookup Firefox Add-on 1.0.3
Select Address BarSelect Address Bar 1.01Video Download Firefox Add-onVideo Download Firefox Add-on 2.0
Folder Extension WizardFolder Extension Wizard 1.0.1Russian spellchecking dictionary without IO supportRussian spellchecking dictionary without IO support 0.1
WikipathWikipath 1.0.1IdiriIdiri 1.4
BookWorm Firefox Add-onBookWorm Firefox Add-on 0.3FishEyeTabsFishEyeTabs 0.14.4
HikkupHikkup 1.0.0PagemarkPagemark 0.1
BSE SensexBSE Sensex 1.1Offline Page validatorOffline Page validator 0.3
Mail2000notifierMail2000notifier 0.1.5FireCompassFireCompass 1.0
DragToScrollDragToScroll 0.4Print Preview Toolbar ButtonPrint Preview Toolbar Button 0.1
JetpackJetpack 0.8.2Snap LinksSnap Links 0.0.4
DiggiDigDiggiDig 0.43Dupe CheckerDupe Checker 1.0.1
Goocal Firefox Add-onGoocal Firefox Add-on 0.1Auto Close Download DialogAuto Close Download Dialog 0.1
VeriSign EV Green Bar ExtensionVeriSign EV Green Bar Extension FotoMarklet for your images and photosNachofoto FotoMarklet for your images and photos 0.1
BabelZilla Glossary ExtensionBabelZilla Glossary Extension 1.388
TwitterbarTwitterBar 2.9.10OpenSearchFoxOpenSearchFox 0.1.5
Ubuntu Forums MenuUbuntu Forums Menu 0.55ZipediaZipedia
ShrinkThisLink Link ShrinkerShrinkThisLink Link Shrinker Firefox Add-onCalculator Firefox Add-on 1.1.12
Get FileGet File 1.2.2Environment ProxyEnvironment Proxy 1.4
Mozilla Handle/DOI Protocol HandlerMozilla Handle/DOI Protocol Handler 1.0.4Move ToolbarMove Toolbar 1.1.4
Romanian Language PackRomanian Language Pack 3.0Extended Cookie ManagerExtended Cookie Manager 0.9
DNSStuff ToolbarDNSStuff Toolbar 1.9VnDict - Vietnamese DictionariesVnDict - Vietnamese Dictionaries
AlphanumeratorAlphanumerator 0.2Go to SelectionGo to Selection 1.2.1
Passive CachePassive Cache 1.2foxdocfoxdoc 1.2
ErrorZilla ModErrorZilla Mod 0.40XHTML Mobile ProfileXHTML Mobile Profile 0.5.3
Firefox Search SidebarFirefox Search Sidebar 1.1Update BookmarkUpdate Bookmark
FireFTP buttonFireFTP button 1.1.1dXUL ReferenceXUL Reference 1.0.2
raw visionraw vision 0.0.8NeedleSearchNeedleSearch 3.5
lernu-frlernu-fr 0.3.5ConnSetsConnSets
Externalize stringsExternalize strings ButtonsStatus Buttons 3.0
TYPO3 BackendTYPO3 Backend 0.5.2Groowe Search Toolbar Firefox Add-onGroowe Search Toolbar Firefox Add-on 1.6.5
GiftWisdomGiftWisdom 1.1SpanishTransSpanishTrans 1.3
Coupon Craze - Coupon NotifierCoupon Craze - Coupon Notifier 1.7phplangeditorphplangeditor 2.4
googlebar Firefox Add-ongooglebar Firefox Add-on SidebargTalk Sidebar 0.4
MyTimeZone for eBayMyTimeZone for eBay 1.7Request AccessRequest Access 1.2
Full Screen Firefox Add-onFull Screen Firefox Add-on 0.7TvgidsgcalTvgidsgcal 0.5
Print Context MenuPrint Context Menu 1.2BlueBox barBlueBox bar 1.2
Drag And DropZone SearchingDrag And DropZone Searching 1.2.3StackOverflow BarStackOverflow Bar
KutanoKutano 1.0.3632Replace Bookmark - Dmitry GutovReplace Bookmark - Dmitry Gutov 1.0
Cooliris (formerly PicLens)Cooliris (formerly PicLens) Menu 2Compact Menu 2 2.3.0a3
Thumbs Firefox Add-onThumbs Firefox Add-on 0.7SmartSearch Firefox Add-onSmartSearch Firefox Add-on 3.12
Seznam SettingsSeznam Settings 1.2Unofficial Change.gov Firefox ExtensionUnofficial Change.gov Firefox Extension 0.1
Dollar2Rupee RateDollar2Rupee Rate 1.0steademysteademy 0.9.10
Bibleserver.com SuchleisteBibleserver.com Suchleiste 3.0Back to Top - Chuck BakerBack to Top - Chuck Baker 6.0
termBlaster with FirefoxtermBlaster with Firefox 2.0.5Open In Google DocsOpen In Google Docs 0.1
Custom Buttons Firefox Add-onCustom Buttons Firefox Add-on
History TreeHistory Tree 1.2Xippee Firefox ExtensionXippee Firefox Extension 2.51
Mail Notifier Firefox Add-onMail Notifier Firefox Add-on 0.6Space Next - cK-LFCSpace Next - cK-LFC 0.12
DeliGooDeliGoo Green Web - CleanbitsThe Green Web - Cleanbits 0.3.2
Reload Tabs ProgressivelyReload Tabs Progressively 0.1.2010020201SummerCSSSummerCSS 0.1
CSS validatorCSS validator 3.0.0FingerAuth Password ManagerFingerAuth Password Manager
Form Saver Firefox Add-onForm Saver Firefox Add-on 0.9.0