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Tag: activex control

IRC Client Control OCXIRC Client Control OCXVisioForge Video Capture ActiveX Edition [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!]VisioForge Video Capture ActiveX Edition [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!]
Get System Info ActiveXGet System Info ActiveX 2.0DownloadX ActiveX Download ControlDownloadX ActiveX Download Control 1.6.7
File Downloader - WinLib LLC.File Downloader ActiveXModaOCR ActiveX 1.0
DWG Viewer OCXDWG Viewer OCX 3.0Fast File Download ActiveXFast File Download ActiveX 2.3
GetSystemInfo ActiveX VC6GetSystemInfo ActiveX VC6 1.7
BeauGauge ControlBeauGauge Control 1.0X10 Controller - Wired-Up-TechX10 Controller - Wired-Up-Tech 1.5.0
JRSpell Checker - JR SoftwareJRSpell Checker - JR Software 5.00WebTwainXWebTwainX 1.0
csXThumbUploadcsXThumbUpload 1.0ITDEVE32 WebSnapshot ActiveX ControlITDEVE32 WebSnapshot ActiveX Control 2.09
DranzerDranzer 1.9.1TConnector: Data Acquisition ActiveX ControlTConnector: Data Acquisition ActiveX Control 2.4.3
TreeVu ActiveX ControlTreeVu ActiveX Control 1.3 Revision 1701VectorControl ActiveXVectorControl ActiveX
Toolbar Vstar Activex ControlToolbar Vstar Activex Control 1.3Reg ControlReg Control 1.2
VisioForge Video Edit SDK (ActiveX Version)VisioForge Video Edit SDK (ActiveX Version) 6.20MstGrid ActiveX ControlMstGrid ActiveX Control 3.7.3
X360 Video Player Lite ActiveX ControlX360 Video Player Lite ActiveX Control 2.61PDF417 ActiveXPDF417 ActiveX 3.0.1
Image22 ActiveXImage22 ActiveX 1.1.1ZipCodeNowZipCodeNow 1.1
AVX ShutdownAVX Shutdown 1.0TlbViewTlbView 2.1
TransparentControls ActiveX ControlTransparentControls ActiveX Control 1.0SharewareExpireSharewareExpire 1.0
ScheduleTimer ActiveX ControlScheduleTimer ActiveX Control 1.0PrintPreviewPrintPreview 1.1
ValidInputBox ActiveX ControlValidInputBox ActiveX Control 1.0IntraLaunchIntraLaunch 5.0
Active Sound Studio ProfessionalActive Sound Studio Professional 2.1Tray/XTray/X
Socket/XSocket/X -RegiConRegiCon
List/XList/X -Grid/XGrid/X -
Finger/XFinger/XAddFlow ActiveX ControlAddFlow ActiveX Control 5.4
JRActivesizerJRActivesizer 1.6.1Mozilla ActiveX ControlMozilla ActiveX Control 1.7.12
ActiveXZipActiveXZip 2.1EWMedia Movie PlayerEWMedia Movie Player 1.5
AVX Get HostAVX Get Host 1.0Active XCavatorActive XCavator 2.0
Active WatchActive Watch 2.5Outlook Express ActiveX ControlOutlook Express ActiveX Control 1.0
Srego CE ToolPack ActiveX ControlSrego CE ToolPack ActiveX Control 3.51
HelpTip ActiveXHelpTip ActiveX 1.0MBAXP ActiveXMBAXP ActiveX 1.2.7 Build 150
MSHTML Html Editor ActiveXMSHTML Html Editor ActiveX 1.0DESCryptXDESCryptX 1.0
Whois Activex ControlWhois Activex Control 1.0System Info ActiveX ControlSystem Info ActiveX Control 1.0
Network Time ActiveX ControlNetwork Time ActiveX Control 1.0Port Scanner ActiveX ControlPort Scanner ActiveX Control 1.0
Finger ActiveX ControlFinger ActiveX Control 4.01Lundlay Property BrowserLundlay Property Browser 1.0
Angel GIF ActiveX ControlAngel GIF ActiveX Control 2.2J4L-MaxicodeXJ4L-MaxicodeX 1.0
Viewer Activex ControlViewer Activex Control 2.4ThumbPlus ActiveX ControlThumbPlus ActiveX Control 5.0
PictureBoxEx Activex ControlPictureBoxEx Activex Control 2.0AniGif full Activex ControlAniGif full Activex Control 2.0
Remote Control Development KitRemote Control Development Kit 1.1FathCryptFathCrypt 2.2
Multimedia Magic BoxMultimedia Magic Box 3.1PowerTCP Winsock ToolPowerTCP Winsock Tool 2.8.3
CuteUpload Free EditionCuteUpload Free Edition 1.5Audio Player ActiveXAudio Player ActiveX 1.0
ImageViewerPlus ActiveX ControlImageViewerPlus ActiveX Control 1.0ImageViewer ActiveX ControlImageViewer ActiveX Control 2.0
SoundGuardSoundGuard 1.1RenderSoft JustifyText ControlRenderSoft JustifyText Control 1.0
DomAPIX Memory ProfilerDomAPIX Memory Profiler 1.0eXZoomeXZoom
eXDialogeXDialog ActiveX ControlVideoCap ActiveX Control
MyCollection ControlsMyCollection Controls 1.0Symantec Support Tool ActiveX Control Cleanup ToolSymantec Support Tool ActiveX Control Cleanup Tool 1.0.1
Web Editor ControlWeb Editor Control 6.0PopupAlertPopupAlert 2.02.0086
Enhanced ControlsEnhanced Controls 1.0EDraw Web Office ComponentEDraw Web Office Component 4.0
GSMS ActiveX ControlGSMS ActiveX Control 3.0VB Tab-Control ActiveXVB Tab-Control ActiveX 1.0
VB Progress-Bar ActiveXVB Progress-Bar ActiveX 1.0Time Date Picker ActiveXTime Date Picker ActiveX 1.0
Easy Dialog ActiveXEasy Dialog ActiveX 1.0Basic GUI ActiveXBasic GUI ActiveX 1.0
JsHttpRequestJsHttpRequest 5VideoCap Live ActiveX ControlVideoCap Live ActiveX Control 2.0
RSP Floppy Format OCXRSP Floppy Format OCX 1.0.0WMV Profile Editor ActiveX ControlWMV Profile Editor ActiveX Control 1.0
TCP / IP Data Control OCXTCP / IP Data Control OCXSpeedGraph ControlSpeedGraph Control
LED Control OCXLED Control OCX7 Segment LED Control OCX7 Segment LED Control OCX
VideoCap Mobile ActiveX ControlVideoCap Mobile ActiveX Control 1.05CDNotification ActiveX ControlCDNotification ActiveX Control 1.1
Font List & Combo ActiveX ControlFont List & Combo ActiveX Control 1.0VoIP H.323 SDKVoIP H.323 SDK 1.0
Bogemic Grid ActiveXBogemic Grid ActiveX 1.2ConsCommConsComm
xCAT - WinAmp control ActiveX ControlxCAT - WinAmp control ActiveX Control 1.00 BetaTRSpeaker ComponentTRSpeaker Component 1.01
SmartCode ServerX VNC Server ActiveXSmartCode ServerX VNC Server ActiveX 1.1.9SCardX EasySCardX Easy 1.5.12
Priore NT Network Info ActiveX ControlPriore NT Network Info ActiveX Control 1.0TExplorerD5TExplorerD5
LQ RichTextBoxLQ RichTextBox VUMetreRS VUMetre
RS VTR422 PlusRS VTR422 Plus TimerRS Timer
RS SliderRS Slider MMediaRS MMedia
RS Light ButtonRS Light Button CommRS Comm
RS DisplayRS Display ExplorerCOM Explorer 2.0
CADE ControlCADE Control 2.57.4Witzend Thumbnail Image Viewer ActiveX ControlWitzend Thumbnail Image Viewer ActiveX Control 3.1
Dialog EdDialog Ed 1.0MapWinGIS ActiveXMapWinGIS ActiveX 4.7
HtmlZapHtmlZap Sound Studio PersonalActive Sound Studio Personal 2008
Active Sound EditorActive Sound Editor Show ActiveXWindow Show ActiveX 1.00
Registry ActiveXRegistry ActiveX 1.5OpenGL Text ActiveXOpenGL Text ActiveX 1.10
Custom Form Title ActiveXCustom Form Title ActiveX 1.00Animation Icon Button ActiveXAnimation Icon Button ActiveX 1.03
Animation Icon ActiveXAnimation Icon ActiveX 1.00cDWGViewXDWGViewX
VideoEdit Mobile ActiveX ControlVideoEdit Mobile ActiveX Control 4.5DVD Author ActiveX ControlDVD Author ActiveX Control 4.0
Edraw PDF Viewer ComponentEdraw PDF Viewer Component 3.2GISEYE Map Projection ActiveXGISEYE Map Projection ActiveX 1.0
XIGraffixListViewXIGraffixListView API MonitorBlade API Monitor
Hyperlink OCXHyperlink OCX 1.0.2WBHost ActiveX ControlWBHost ActiveX Control 1.0
X360 Video to Avi Converter ActiveX ControlX360 Video to Avi Converter ActiveX Control 3.47Video Chat Pro ActiveX ControlVideo Chat Pro ActiveX Control 5.5
Screen2Video Pro ActiveX ControlScreen2Video Pro ActiveX Control 1.11ELCryptula ActiveX DLLELCryptula ActiveX DLL 1.1
Sound Converter ActiveXSound Converter ActiveX 1.2.20DTK Video Capture ControlDTK Video Capture Control 1.1.83
THBResizeTHBResize ViewerX VNCSmartCode ViewerX VNC
Animated GIF OCXAnimated GIF OCX 1.00Site Map ActiveX ControlSite Map ActiveX Control
Memory Status ActiveX ControlMemory Status ActiveX Control 2.2.0SkFinger ActiveX ControlSkFinger ActiveX Control 4.0
Word Viewer ActiveX ControlWord Viewer ActiveX Control 3.2ViewPDF OCXViewPDF OCX 2.0
Sonic TextBox ActiveXSonic TextBox ActiveX 1.0JRStegano ActivexJRStegano Activex 3.0
JRSpell CheckerJRSpell Checker 4.00SocketTools Standard SubscriptionSocketTools Standard Subscription 4.5
SocketTools Secure SubscriptionSocketTools Secure Subscription 4.5Virtual Serial Port ActiveXVirtual Serial Port ActiveX 5.0 build
nBit HTML Editor ActiveXnBit HTML Editor ActiveX 3.1.1/BDynamic Web TWAINDynamic Web TWAIN 6.0
DataMatrix ActiveXDataMatrix ActiveX 3.0.1X360 Multiple Video Player ActiveX OCXX360 Multiple Video Player ActiveX OCX 2.63
ActiveX Image Upload ControlActiveX Image Upload Control File Download ActiveX ControlVersalSoft File Download ActiveX Control 3.0.22
JRFile Viewer ActivexJRFile Viewer Activex 1.2TrialwareDialog ActiveX ControlTrialwareDialog ActiveX Control 1.0.2
newObjects Active Label ActiveXnewObjects Active Label ActiveX 1.0Virtual List ControlVirtual List Control
OlapX Client Server ControlOlapX Client Server Control 1.0
IDAutomation Barcode ActiveX Control & OCXIDAutomation Barcode ActiveX Control & OCX 6.10CSHTMLDiff ControlCSHTMLDiff Control 2.1.98
Color ComboBox ActiveX ControlColor ComboBox ActiveX Control 1.05CheckListBox ActiveX ControlCheckListBox ActiveX Control 2.6 Service Pack 6
HtmlCapture ActiveX ControlHTMLCapture ActiveX Control 2.0Dynamsoft Dynamic Web TWAINDynamic Web TWAIN 9.0
VCX LibraryVCX Library 3.0.2008.04ControlMaster ActiveX ControlControlMaster ActiveX Control 1.0
IHImageXIHImageX 1.0.0Panel ActiveX controlPanel ActiveX control 1.2
Serial Port Sniffer ActiveX ControlSerial Port Sniffer ActiveX Control 4.0 Build 1.20
X360 Ftp Client ActiveX OCXX360 Ftp Client ActiveX OCX 2.82RagaRaga 1.1
NumXNumX 1.4GOGO Image Viewer Lite ActiveX ControlGOGO Image Viewer Lite ActiveX Control 2.01
wodCryptwodCrypt 2.1.3VisioForge Video Capture ActiveX EditionVisioForge Video Capture ActiveX Edition 6.20
VideoEdit Gold ActiveX ControlVideoedit Gold ActiveX Control 7.21Eltima Virtual Serial Port AX ControlEltima Virtual Serial Port AX Control 6.0
Serial Port ActiveXControlSerial Port ActiveXControl 2.0VintaSoftTwain ActiveX ControlVintaSoftTwain ActiveX Control
OfficeMenuOfficeMenu 1.7AssemblurAssemblur 1.0.4
Absolute Color Picker ActiveX ControlAbsolute Color Picker ActiveX Control Serial Port ActiveX CEVirtual Serial Port ActiveX CE 3.1
Secure File Delete ActiveXSecure File Delete ActiveX 3.0HTTP Wizard + SSL ActiveXHTTP Wizard + SSL ActiveX 3.0
NNTP Wizard ActiveXNNTP Wizard ActiveX 3.0Oxygen SMS ActiveX ControlOxygen SMS ActiveX Control 3.0
XPButtonXPButton 1.02Office Viewer ActiveX ControlOffice Viewer ActiveX Control 3.0
Excel Viewer OCXExcel Viewer OCX 2.1.39Color Picker ActiveX ControlColor Picker ActiveX Control 2.0.1
PatternCombo ActiveX ControlPatternCombo ActiveX Control ActiveX ControlLineCombo ActiveX Control
FontCombo ActiveX ControlFontCombo ActiveX Control ActiveX ControlColorCombo ActiveX Control
BitmapCombo ActiveX ControlBitmapCombo ActiveX Control ActiveX Controls SuiteComboPro ActiveX Controls Suite
3D Active Button Magic3D Active Button Magic Serial Port ActiveX ControlVirtual Serial Port ActiveX Control
Eltima Serial Port ActiveX ControlEltima Serial Port ActiveX Control ActiveX ControlSkICMP ActiveX Control
Zoom ActiveX controlZoom Activex Control 2.1Thumbnailer ActiveX controlThumbnailer ActiveX control 5.0
StatusBar ActiveX controlStatusBar ActiveX control 2.4MenuEx ActiveX controlMenuEx ActiveX control 2.4
FolderView ActiveX controlFolderView ActiveX Control 3.3GOGO Media Player ActiveX ControlGOGO Media Player ActiveX Control 2.71
GOGO Exif Image Viewer ActiveX ControlGOGO Exif Image Viewer ActiveX Control 2.91GOGO Exif Image Viewer Pro ActiveX OCXGOGO Exif Image Viewer Pro ActiveX OCX 2.82
GdTwain Pro SDK Twain ActiveX ControlGdTwain Pro SDK Twain ActiveX Control 2.1.4ADVDAUDIOADVDAUDIO 2.5
EaseSoft Barcode ActiveX ControlEaseSoft Barcode ActiveX Control 3.5PDFBuilderXPDFBuilderX 2.3
ubGridxubGridX 4.3PanelMeterPanelMeter 1.2.48
AxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX ControlAxGC 2D Graphical ActiveX Control 3.8.1Aurigma Image Uploader DualAurigma Image Uploader Dual 6.5.19
Aurigma File DownloaderAurigma File Downloader 1.0.77Drawing Board ActiveX ControlDrawing Board ActiveX Control 2.0
MFader ActiveX controlMFader ActiveX control 1.2Sonic Click Super Button ActiveX ControlSonic Click Super Button ActiveX Control 5.0.0
NeoCalendarIIINeoCalendarIII 3.0.0Balloon OCXBalloon OCX 2.0
MetaTreeX ControlMetaTreeX Control 1.5.100VB Animation GIF ACTIVEX CONTROLVB Animation GIF ActiveX Control 2.2.30
SocketWrench Standard EditionSocketWrench Standard Edition 6.0 Build 6000SocketTools Scripting EditionSocketTools Scripting Edition 6.00.6000
Catalyst File Transfer ControlCatalyst File Transfer Control 7.1.7100.1621X360 PowerPoint Converter ActiveX ControlX360 PowerPoint Converter ActiveX Control 2.79
X360 Outlook Express ActiveX OCXX360 Outlook Express ActiveX OCX 2.56Frame ActiveX controlFrame ActiveX control 2.0
VISCOM Audio CD Burner ActiveX ControlVISCOM Audio CD Burner ActiveX Control 1.0.6X360 Outlook Express ActiveX OCX (Team Developer)X360 Outlook Express ActiveX OCX (Team Developer) 2.62