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Tag: file renamer

Portable ReNamer - Denis KozlovPortable ReNamer - Denis Kozlov 5.60Portable Lupas RenamePortable Lupas Rename 5.0
SeriesRenamerSeriesRenamer 1.0WinFR File Renamer (formerly WinFR)WinFR File Renamer (formerly WinFR) 5.50 S Build 2027
Siren RenamerSiren Renamer 3.12Quick File Renamer - Rebrand Software, LLCQuick File Renamer 4.5
NamExNamEx Expert - Gillmeister SoftwareRename Expert 5.3.1
NevezzNevezz 1.0.1batchreplacebatchreplace 0.1.1
Rename AppRename App 1.0Oscar's Renamer PROOscar's Renamer PRO 2.0.1
JB RenamerJB Renamer 0.3.36Robotic RenameRobotic Rename 2013.4.30
Solid RenamerSolid Renamer Rename ProFile Rename 1.3
Bulk File RenameBulk File Rename 2.3
MyFileRenamerMyFileRenamer 4.0Sistema FilesSistema Files 016 Beta
FileRenamer - Fredy WijayaFileRenamer 0.1.1Regex-RenamerRegex-Renamer 2.0.66
FiRE - pianomanDylanFiRE 1.0Rename ExpertRename Expert 5.2.2
FileBot - rednoahFileBot 3.6Ron's RenamerRon's Renamer 2012.10.31.0636
PS File RenamerPS File Renamer 1.0KaimeisiKaimeisi
Better File Rename - publicspace.netBetter File Rename - Incredible Bee LtdRenamer 4.2.3
Rename BatchesRename Batches 1.0.2renamerV2renamerV2 2.8.4733.26528
Actual Tag Editor - Kedrus SoftwareActual Tag Editor - Kedrus Software 1.9LittleCleanLittleClean 1.0.0
Batch Renamer - Gwenael GevrinBatch Renamer - Gwenael Gevrin 1.0.1FilrFilr 1.0.1
NinjaCopier (formerly FileInfoPro) - Nic Wilson & Jonathan WilsonNinjaCopier (formerly FileInfoPro) - Nic Wilson & Jonathan Wilson 2.010Rename Files - Yuuichi YokoiRename Files - Yuuichi Yokoi 1001
Rename - Evan ReynoldsRename - Evan Reynolds 1.5vRenamervRenamer 1.5-5
Rename EasyRename Easy 1.0Batch File Rename - GOTOES.ORGBatch File Rename - GOTOES.ORG 2.3.2
Faster RenameFaster Rename 3.1.0Adero RenamerAdero Renamer 2.8.0
M�tamorphose File -n- Folder Renamer 2M�tamorphose File -n- Folder Renamer 2 0.8.1jRenamejRename 1.0.0
Tacx File SorterTacx File Sorter 0.9File Utilities - SoftEx CompanyFile Utilities - SoftEx Company 1.3
VisualRinominaFileVisualRinominaFile 1.1Rename Multiple FilesRename Multiple Files
Tag frontendTag frontend 1.5.1Rename-O-Matic 2000Rename-O-Matic 2000 1.0
OrdiTouchOrdiTouch 1.0BrenameBrename 1.6
NameItNameIt 2.2Renamer - R.L. VeldtRenamer - R.L. Veldt 1.0.0
Neotrek File Data ProNeotrek File Data Pro 2.95simpleRenamersimpleRenamer 1.1
cuteRenamercuteRenamer 0.3.0Mp3NameEditorMp3NameEditor 1.0.0
Free File RenamerFree File Renamer 1.0.0 BetaMulti-Files RenameMulti-Files Rename 1.2 Build 20100326
MetamorphoseMetamorphose Beta / 1.1.2File Naming Using DTSFile Naming Using DTS 1.5
Bica File RenamerBica File Renamer 1.4NinjaCopier (formerly FileInfoPro)NinjaCopier (formerly FileInfoPro) 2.007
JFRenamerJFRenamer 1.0.14Quick Anime RenamerQuick Anime Renamer 0.2
File impersonatorFile impersonator RenamerPersonal Renamer
Name ManglerName Mangler 3.0.0RenXRenX
RenMD5RenMD5 0.1 BetaQuickRenameQuickRename 1.0
Leacha RanamaLeacha Ranama RenamerDnD Renamer
PixRenamerPixRenamer 2.01-abc.net File Renamer1-abc.net File Renamer 3.0
NameTwister (formerly Rename Regular Expression)NameTwister (formerly Rename Regular Expression) 1.0 C2
PCREnamePCREname 1.0MacAppStuff RenameRename 1.07
Zone OneZone One 1.0AS-File RenamerAS-File Renamer 1.0
File GrinderFile Grinder 5.40
Files RenamerFiles Renamer 1.3cnxrenamecnxrename 3.0.0 Beta 3
FurledFurled 1.2dName-itdName-it 3.0
FileRenFileRen 0.2.030ZeebZeeb 3.7
LittleUtilsLittleUtils 1.0.21StreetSmartsStreetSmarts 0.9
File SequencerFile Sequencer 1.3RegExpFileRenamerRegExpFileRenamer 2.0
nDRnDR BetaBasereBasere 0.1.2
Media RenamerMedia Renamer 3.2.4
File Rename ToolFile Rename Tool 2.0Sharepoint UtilitySharepoint Utility 1.1
Panda Batch File RenamerPanda Batch File Renamer 2.2PowerRen 2000PowerRen 2000 1.0
fRENAMEfRENAME 1.0.1551.24699RenameroxRenamerox
VeefireVeefire 0.5.0File Renamer - Winsome TechnologiesFile Renamer - Winsome Technologies 2.0
MCS UtilitiesMCS Utilities 1.5EnumeratorEnumerator 0.07b
Cut Long NamesCut Long Names 1.6bOrdix RenamizerOrdix Renamizer 2.0.0
Wildcard RenamerWildcard Renamer 1.0EasyRenameEasyRename 1.11
IreneIrene 0.09Single & Multi-File RenamerSingle & Multi-File Renamer 1.0
G6 UtilitiesG6 Utilities 1.70 build 27D-FileMUD-FileMU 1.7.6
FileRenameFileRename 1.1.2Bulk File RenamerBulk File Renamer 1.01
1st File Renamer1st File Renamer 1.01-4a Rename1-4a Rename 1.56
Super RenameSuper Rename 1.01cxrenxren 1.01
File RenameFile Rename1337renamer1337renamer 1.1
ZippyBackflash Batch RenamerZippyBackflash Batch Renamer 1.0HF RenamerHF Renamer 1.0
PC FileRenamePC FileRename 1.0Rename-eXRename-eX 1.20
Visual Studio Project RenamerVisual Studio Project Renamer 1.0Spacetornado RenamerSpacetornado Renamer 1.1
KrenamerKrenamer 1.1Multi File RenamerMulti File Renamer
Creative Element Power ToolsCreative Element Power Tools 2.7.853Fracaro File RenamerFracaro File Renamer 1.0
WmC File RenamerWmC File Renamer 0.95RegexRenamerRegexRenamer 1.3
Batch File RenamerBatch File Renamer 2.51Total RenameTotal Rename 1.0
Once RenamerOnce Renamer 2.2.0BK RenamerBK Renamer 1.0
Digital Filename EditorDigital Filename Editor 2.1A.F.5 Rename your filesA.F.5 Rename your files 1.1
Renamer NGRenamer NG 1.0.2340.14175 BetaAB RenamerAB Renamer 6.0
Vanilla RenamerVanilla Renamer 2.0FileRenamerFileRenamer 1.2.2
HN PhotoRenameHN PhotoRename 1.0MP3-StylerMP3-Styler 1.4
EMCO MoveOnBootEMCO MoveOnBoot 2.3.2 Build 3498PsychicMP3PsychicMP3 2.00
Ren2TitleRen2Title 1.01KuKnet FileRenamerKuKnet FileRenamer 3.3
Rapid File RenamerRapid File Renamer 1.14hPCe File RenamerhPCe File Renamer 1.6.2754.38969
DemonTPX MP3 RenamerDemonTPX MP3 Renamer 1.1.3Rename Text Files Based On Content SoftwareRename Text Files Based On Content Software 7.0
Sensible File RenamerSensible File Renamer 1.0ExtraMp3 RenamerExtraMp3 Renamer 1.0
File Redate RenameFile Redate RenameFilesmanFilesman 0.99 Build 234
TALtech RenamerTALtech Renamer 2.1.0Portable Flexible RenamerPortable Flexible Renamer 8.1 Beta
SpeedRenamerSpeedRenamer 2.8.0Batch RenamerBatch Renamer 3.0.a
QRenameQRename 1.1FezzikFezzik 1.3
RENAME FILESRename Files 0.1Free Rename MasterFree Rename Master 1.1
Portable ReNamerPortable ReNamer 5.50Text to File RenamerText to File Renamer 1.4
Portable Bulk Rename UtilityPortable Bulk Rename Utility 1.0.1
File NamingFile NamingFast File RenamerFast File Renamer 2.0
Rename MasterRename Master 3.4.4777 Build 437 / 3.5.4851 Build 64318 Test 5Smart RenameSmart Rename
NSB ReNamerNSB ReNamer 1.0Super RenamerSuper Renamer 0.9 Beta
Aoao Batch RenameAoao Batch Rename 1.9Rename Files MasterRename Files Master 2.1
NumberFilesNumberFiles 0.7Name DropperName Dropper 3.6
Replace and RenameReplace and Rename 1.8Ezyware Batch File RenamerEzyware Batch File Renamer 5.1
RenameFromListRenameFromList 1.15All File RenamerAll File Renamer 1.4
123 File Renamer123 File Renamer 2.2PixNamePixName 2.0
BAPTBAPT 1.3cfnc2003fnc2003 1.0.11
Peter's Flexible Renaming Kit (Pfrank)Peter's Flexible Renaming Kit (Pfrank) 2.33File Renamer ProFile Renamer Pro 2.0
Rename Files SoftwareRename Files Software 7.0Flash RenamerFlash Renamer 6.71
Useful File UtilitiesUseful File Utilities 3.71RenameMaestroRenameMaestro 5.1.1
RoboFolderRoboFolder RenamerMIKLSOFT Renamer 1.65
Easy File RenamerEasy File Renamer 1.05Multiple File RenameMultiple File Rename 1.1
Batch File UtilityBatch File Utility 3.0 Build 11112005Magic File Renamer Standard EditionMagic File Renamer Standard Edition 6.3.3
Magic File Renamer Professional EditionMagic File Renamer Professional Edition 7.3.0Visual RenamerVisual Renamer 1.5
MultiRenamerMultiRenamer 1.5Acritum Sophisticated RenameAcritum Sophisticated Rename 3.00
Lupas RenameLupas Rename 5.0MacNames Site LicenseMacNames Site License 1.1m
FileWranglerFileWrangler 2.0.0Renamer - shhacRenamer - shhac
EZ Photo RenamerEZ Photo Renamer 2.5Rename-It!Rename It! 1.2.0
RenPhoricRenPhoric 1.3.0Portable Ant RenamerPortable Ant Renamer 2.10
Mp3 RenatagerMp3 Renatager 0.8.2 Build 141PSRenamerPSRenamer 1.60
Flexible RenamerFlexible Renamer 8.4VisualRenamerVisualRenamer 1.8
YomiYomi 0.5CKRenameCKRename 1.08
Sophisticated RenameSophisticated Rename 3.106Rename Regular ExpressionRename Regular Expression 1.10