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Network Monitor IINetwork Monitor II 18.0IPShowIPShow 1.4.0
InnoNWSnifferInnoNWSniffer Alpha IPViewIPView 2.0.1
IP Subnet Calculator for Windows 8IP Subnet Calculator for Windows 8 1.2.1
IpToCountry (PHP Class)IpToCountry (PHP Class) v3MaxMind GeoIP ISPMaxMind GeoIP ISP
IPMenuletIPMenulet 1.1Trace Route GUITrace Route GUI 1.5
SYN Scanner for ProxySYN Scanner for Proxy 1.00BlocSoft Telnet ClientBlocSoft Telnet Client 1.0
Hide My IP 2009Hide My IP 2009 Host ProCheck Host Pro 1.1.11
Jujuba IP Address for Windows 8Jujuba IP Address for Windows 8
One Click Proxy IPOne Click Proxy IP 0.101IP to Country - Georgi KralevIP to Country
MyAddressMyAddress 1.0IPDeskBoxIPDeskBox 1.0.0
IPFetcherIPFetcher 1.1IPortViewIPortView 1.03
Biter GeoIp to MySQLBiter GeoIp to MySQL BetaSmart IP AddressSmart IP Address 2.0.1
My Local IP Address For Windows 8My Local IP Address For Windows 8 MW IP DeniedMW IP Denied 0.3
nanoWatcher PortablenanoWatcher Portable 1.3.1My Public IP Address - csizMy Public IP Address 0.3.1
X-Forwarded-For Header - Jakob LandboX-Forwarded-For Header 1.0.1BRAdmin LightBRAdmin Light 1.22.0003
PingAllPingAll 1.0IPaddress - David De GrootIPaddress 3.0.1
Solera Universal Connector - Solera NetworksSolera Universal Connector 1.2.0My Public IP AddressMy Public IP Address 0.3.1
My Public IP - csizMy Public IP 0.2My IP FinderMy IP Finder 0.0.7
IP Notebook for OperaIP Notebook for Opera 1.0.2IP Notebook for Google ChromeIP Notebook for Google Chrome 1.2
IP Notebook for FirefoxIP Notebook 1.2Site Geo IP LocatorSite Geo IP Locator 1.1.0
JokerUpdaterJokerUpdaterNetwork ToolsetNetwork Toolset 1.2 Build 9
Get Your Current IPGet Your Current IP 0.1.0My Public IPMy Public IP 0.1
Faceless Internet ConnectionFaceless Internet Connection 1.2.22UDP ConfigUDP Config 4.11.3
LANLAN 1.3ip Plus NewTabip Plus NewTab 0.2.6
AlertIPAlertIP 1.0Hotspot Shield Elite - AnchorFreeHotspot Shield Elite 2.88
IP Address and Domain InformationIP Address and Domain Information 1.0IP Address LookupIP Address Lookup 0.3
WorldIP - AlrondWorldIP 2.2.0Whois - SysinternalsWhois 1.11
Ping Sweep ToolPing Sweep Tool 1.2.0Website City + Country InfoWebsite City + Country Info
IP SnoopIP Snoop - sdc4IpScanner 1.0.0 Alpha
Fast Hide IPFast Hide IP IP Add-on for Boat BrowserShow IP Add-on for Boat Browser 1.1
PCInfo - Frank Weier ChristiansenPCInfo 0.2
Easy-IPEasy-IP 6.1.2IP Network CalculatorIP Network Calculator 1.0.20120708
Show IP Add-on for Dolphin Browser HDShow IP Add-on for Dolphin Browser HD 1.4IP Switcher - Shehroz KaleemIP Switcher 1
Solera Universal ConnectorSolera Universal Connector 1.2.0Colasoft Ping Tool - Colasoft Co LtdColasoft Ping Tool 1.2 Build 207
myip - Oren Heldmyip 0.2My Computer NameMy Computer Name
PingyThingyPingyThingy 1.0.0Geobaza PHP APIGeobaza PHP API
ShowIP for ThunderbirdShowIP for Thunderbird 2.0ShowIP for SeaMonkey - Jan DittmerShowIP for SeaMonkey 2.0
ShowIP for FirefoxShowIP for Firefox 2.0Geobaza - CN-Software Ltd.Geobaza
AcquireRouterIPAcquireRouterIP 1.0.2netaddr - David P. D. Mossnetaddr 0.7.7
InterStatusInterStatus 1.0IP AddressIP Address 2.2
Ban User By IPBan User By IP 1.06ip2locationip2location 0.1
YouR IP - Tobias RedmannYouR IP 0.3py-outgoing-ippy-outgoing-ip 1.0
ipcalcipcalc 1.0.0Portable Show My IP SoftwarePortable Show My IP Software 1.19
django-geoipDjango GeoIP 0.2.6X-ProxyX-Proxy
IP NotificationIP Notification 4.2Address of IP AddressAddress of IP Address 1.1
MyIP BasicMyIP Basic Location CFCGEO Location CFC 1
Simple PingSimple Ping 1.0.3IP WarriorIP Warrior 1.0.0
http:BL WordPress Pluginhttp:BL WordPress Plugin 1.8BlockHosts - Avinash ChopdeBlockHosts - Avinash Chopde 2.5.0
IPUpload - Boston Global Consulting, LLC.IPUpload - Boston Global Consulting, LLC. 4.6.0IP GeolocatorIP Geolocator
IPAddress FieldIPAddress Field 1.0IP 2 Country IP2CIP 2 Country IP2C 0.3
Portable Get IP and HostPortable Get IP and Host 1.3.10IP To Country Lookup PHP ScriptIP To Country Lookup PHP Script 1.51
IP-based Determination of a Visitor's CountryIP-based Determination of a Visitor's Country 6.x-1.x-dev / 5.x-1.3Get IP - David Aguirre GrazioGet IP - David Aguirre Grazio 5.5 Build 055000
GeoScope - Johann BurkardGeoScope - Johann Burkard 0.8Domain Details - Nathan LaPierre for macDomain Details - Nathan LaPierre for mac 2.6.8
Restrict IPRestrict IP 6.x-1.0Pot PourriPot Pourri
Tor-Proxy.NET Toolbar - Benjamin SiggelTor-Proxy.NET Toolbar - Benjamin Siggel 0.3.3IPToLocationIPToLocation 1.0
pserverpserver 0.1IP2Location IP - Country - Region - City - Latitude - Longitude - ZIPCode - Timezone - ISP - Domain - Netspeed - AreaCode - Weather DatabaseIP2Location IP - Country - Region - City - Latitude - Longitude - ZIPCode - Timezone - ISP - Domain - Netspeed - AreaCode - Weather Database March 2011
IP2Location IP - Country - Region - City - Latitude - Longitude - Timezone - Netspeed - Weather DatabaseIP2Location IP - Country - Region - City - Latitude - Longitude - Timezone - Netspeed - Weather Database February.2011IPMeterIPMeter 1.0
ProxyMeProxyMe 2011PingInfoView - Nir SoferPingInfoView 1.35
WhatsIsMyIPWhatsIsMyIP 1.0-1ABG_IPDetailsABG_IPDetails 1.0
IP Location ClassIP Location Class 1.0Ping ManagerPing Manager 2.0.8
IP2Location IP-Country-Region-City-Latitude-Longitude-ZIPCode-TimeZone-ISP-Domain-Netspeed DatabaseIP2Location IP-Country-Region-City-Latitude-Longitude-ZIPCode-TimeZone-ISP-Domain-Netspeed Database March 2011WintermWinterm 1.6
Arovax SmartHideArovax SmartHide 2.3.297IpToCountry (ColdFusion)IpToCountry (ColdFusion) 1.0.stable.r11.2008.10.30
ip2c2sqlip2c2sql First VersionIpToCountry (Lua)IpToCountry (Lua) 1.0.2
IpToCountry (C)IpToCountry (C) IpToCountry (Perl)IpToCountry (Perl)
IpToCountry (GEO-IP DB)IpToCountry (GEO-IP DB) Show IP WidgetShow IP Widget 1.1
HSLAB HTTP Monitor TraceHSLAB HTTP Monitor Trace 1.14.829.2010HostName - IpAddressHostName - IpAddress
Free Ping ToolFree Ping Tool 1.0DummyDNS ServerDummyDNS Server 1.2
QuickIPQuickIP 1.1MaxMind GeoIP NetspeedMaxMind GeoIP Netspeed
MaxMind GeoIP City DatabaseMaxMind GeoIP City Database MaxMind GeoIP Region DatabaseMaxMind GeoIP Region Database
MaxMind GeoIP Country DatabaseMaxMind GeoIP Country Database IpLocIpLoc 1.2
Josh's IP FinderJosh's IP Finder 9.0Find IPFind IP 01
Ping classPing class 1.0WP Login SecurityWP Login Security 1.0
Free WhoisFree Whois 1.1IpToCountry (Java)IpToCountry (Java) 1.0.0
Autumoon IP InformerAutumoon IP Informer BetThe Ping MasterThe Ping Master Beta
Free IP AddressFree IP Address 2.0.1WhatRouteWhatRoute 1.11.0
IP Address WidgetIP Address Widget 1.4IP SubmissionIP Submission
WinMTR.NETWinMTR.NET TrakerNet Traker 1.0
Net::CIDR::SetNet::CIDR::Set 0.11IP LoggerIP Logger
Ping Assist ProPing Assist Pro 1.6.9 Build 003EZ IPEZ IP 1.0
Fail2ban firewall integrationFail2ban firewall integration 6.x-0.x-devGoogle GlobalGoogle Global 2.6
Geo::IP::RU::IpGeoBaseGeo::IP::RU::IpGeoBase 0.03AuthfailAuthfail 1.1.7
FilterIPFilterIP KBS_IPLocatorKBS_IPLocator
Get my IPGet my IP 1.0.21
CDNSCDNS 1.0NetRouteViewNetRouteView 1.20
Ping GUIPing GUI 1.5Magic IP SetMagic IP Set 1.0.2
Your IPYour IP 1.0.2Email WAN IP AddressEmail WAN IP Address Beta
IPv4AddressActionIPv4AddressAction 1.0Get Primary Ethernet AddressGet Primary Ethernet Address 1.0
Look AliveLook Alive 1.00Country Lookup for ThunderbirdCountry Lookup for Thunderbird 2.0
HSLAB HTTP Monitor PingHSLAB HTTP Monitor Ping 1.14.8292010ip2locip2loc 0.8.2
IP Address MenuIP Address Menu 6.1IP IdentifierIP Identifier 1.1
SubnetMapperSubnetMapper 1.2.1Address LookupAddress Lookup 1.2
Local Host InfoLocal Host Infoip2ccip2cc 0.5
iptoolsiptools 0.6.1GeokitGeokit 1.5.0
IPStatusIPStatus 1.0ShowIIPShowIIP 1.0
DynaStopDynaStop 10092.1649.1291028932GeoScopeGeoScope 0.8
iPINGiPING 1.00IP - Country - Region - City - Latitude - Longitude - ZIPCode - Timezone - AreaCode DatabaseIP - Country - Region - City - Latitude - Longitude - ZIPCode - Timezone - AreaCode Database March.2011
WIPmania WorldIP DatabaseWIPmania WorldIP Database 23 Feb 2011GDS GratisDNS DDNS ServiceGDS GratisDNS DDNS Service
WorldIPWorldIP 2.2.1IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP DatabaseIP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP Database March 2011
IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-ISP DatabaseIP2Location IP-COUNTRY-ISP Database March 2011IP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP-DOMAIN DatabaseIP2Location IP-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP-DOMAIN Database March 2011
ipTweetipTweetIP Details 1.0IP Details 1.0
IP Ranger 1IP Ranger 1http:BL WordPress Plugin 1.6http:BL WordPress Plugin 1.6
OpenNetAdminOpenNetAdmin 11.02.10DnsblCheckDnsblCheck 0.8
Fail2BanFail2Ban 0.8.4Ping SX2Ping SX2 1.0.3
IPyIPy 0.81netaddrnetaddr 0.7.10
Switch Network LocationSwitch Network Location 1.0No-IP DUCNo-IP DUC 2.2.1
GetHost/XGetHost/XIP2Location IP-COUNTRY .NET ComponentIP2Location IP-COUNTRY .NET Component 2.0
P-Ping ToolsP-Ping Tools 2.6Claros AnonymityClaros Anonymity 1.0
IPplanIPplan 4.92a / 6.00 Beta 2Know Your IP AddressKnow Your IP Address 1.1
Net AliveNet Alive 1.0UpdateIP JumpGateUpdateIP JumpGate Beta
IP Address ScanIP Address Scan Agent Network ChatMicrosoft Agent Network Chat 1.0
Pinging HostPinging Host 1.0NetBrute ScannerNetBrute Scanner
DynPfiffDynPfiff 1.1TraPTraP 1.0.0
RemBOtRemBOt 2.1.0Magik DHCP ServerMagik DHCP Server 0.8a
EnhancedPingEnhancedPing 1.0WebSpyWebSpy 2.0
hrPINGhrPING 5.04Persian Gulf PingPersian Gulf Ping 1.0
Ip ChangerIP Changer 2.0.10IP to LocaleIP to Locale 6.x-1.0-beta1
IPWatchIPWatch 1.2.0IP in Your EmailIP in Your Email 1.0
IP 2 CountryIP 2 Country 1.0CheckIPCheckIP 1.3
IP-Country ConvertorIP-Country Convertor 1.0Who Is My Machine?Who Is My Machine? 1.0.0
EasySwitchItEasySwitchIt 1.1
Easy IPEasy-IP 4.1.1 Build 521XB WhoIsXB WhoIs 1.0
IPTargetIPTarget 1.1.0ipAddressipaddress 1.0.4
URL DiscombobulatorURL Discombobulator 1.9.1AtTacK PiNGAtTacK PiNG 1.0
ATSNATSN 1.0.0Spoof BarSpoof Bar 2.1.0
My IP GadgetMy IP Gadget 1.1EnumIPsEnumIPs 1.0
MiniIPMiniIP 1.0XC-IPInfo (formerly Bo-IPInfo)XC-IPInfo (formerly Bo-IPInfo) 1.4
SurfAnonymousSurfAnonymous ServervDHCP Server 0.13
JRL IP ViewerJRL IP Viewer 1.2MyIP Vista GadgetMyIP Vista Gadget
Sysutil PingItSysutil PingIt 1.11HELIUM PINGerHELIUM PINGer 0.97
Geobaza Python APIGeobaza Python API 1.2
SchnauzerSchnauzer 1.0xCAT - IP MonitorxCAT - IP Monitor 1.00
Hillyheights IP Address TrackerHillyheights IP Address Tracker 1.1VMVSystems SnifferVMVSystems Sniffer
Java IP ViewerJava IP Viewer 1.0.0APUAPU 1.04.0
MiTeC Network ScannerMiTeC Network Scanner DetectorIP Detector 1.1
HSC WhoisHSC Whois 1.0DNS ToolsDNS Tools 1.0.0
Olej IP2CountryOlej IP2Country 1.0Softsession IPMasterSoftsession IPMaster 1.5
HSS Probe Standard EditionHSS Probe Standard Edition 0.98Jedi Honey PotJedi Honey Pot 1.0
EZPing LAN EditionEZPing LAN Edition 1.1EZPingEZPing 1.2
ProtonProton 1.0Simple Static IPSimple Static IP 1.3.0
pcInfopcInfo 1.0Tor-Proxy.NET ToolbarTor-Proxy.NET Toolbar 0.3.2
Show My IPShow My IP 1.17Black Lists CheckerBlack Lists Checker 0.9 Beta
Domain DetailsDomain Details 2.6.9Ping RangePing Range 2.0
Skipole Monitorskipole-monitor 0.3IP Host ExplorerIP Host Explorer 1.0.0d
IPLookupiplookup Ip LocationIp Location 1.0.0