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Tag: logic

Logic Gate SimulatorLogic Gate Simulator 1.3Alchemy ClassicAlchemy Classic 1.0.6
Neuro-Programmer Regular EditionNeuro-Programmer Regular Edition 1.0
HyperControl/DirectLink for Logic and GaragebandHyperControl/DirectLink for Logic and Garageband 1.0.6LSI Logic SAS 1068e Controller Firmware (B1)/ (B3) Fix 11810/12503 Rev.ALSI Logic SAS 1068e Controller Firmware (B1)/ (B3) Fix 11810/12503 Rev.A
Uni SudokuUni Sudoku 3.0.1Grid_Petrel_SurferGrid_Petrel_Surfer
English Sixteen (iPad)English Sixteen (iPad) 1.1ExsManagerExsManager 3.3.3
ilomiloilomilo 1.0
Tile PileTile Pile 1.02Happy VirusHappy Virus 1.1
Sokoban (Java)Sokoban (Java) 1.8QuoridorQuoridor R379
USBee-DXUSBee-DX 1.0Kona GribviewKona Gribview 1.09
RootsMagicRootsMagic 2.4
Color Zen for AndroidColor Zen for Android 1.0Color Zen for iPhone/iPadColor Zen for iPhone/iPad 1.0.0
CounterledgeCounterledge Memory - Novel Games Limited for macMoving Memory 1.4.1
Five UFOs - Novel Games LimitedFive UFOs 1.1.3Quell Free for AndroidQuell Free for Android 1.72
HexvexHexvex 1.21Quell Memento for iPhone/iPadQuell Memento for iPhone/iPad 1.0
Steam Gears Lite for iPhone/iPadSteam Gears Lite for iPhone/iPad 2.4Electric Box for iPhoneElectric Box for iPhone 1.33
Quell Reflect for BlackBerryQuell Reflect for BlackBerry 1.0Quell Reflect for AndroidQuell Reflect for Android 1.53
Quell Reflect for iPhone/iPadQuell Reflect for iPhone/iPad 1.70Quell for BlackBerryQuell for BlackBerry 2.0
Quell for AndroidQuell for Android 1.41Quell for iPhone/iPadQuell for iPhone/iPad 1.70
Code Breaking - Novel Games Limited for macCode Breaking 1.5.1Rubik's Cube - Novel Games Limited for macRubik's Cube 1.4.1
Music Memory - Novel Games Limited for macMusic Memory 1.6.1The Three Bags - Novel Games Limited for macThe Three Bags 1.5.1
Mouse Trap - Novel Games Limited for macMouse Trap 1.5.1Puzzle Hex - Novel Games Limited for macPuzzle Hex 1.2.2
Fling! Free for AndroidFling! Free for Android for iPhonePinch for iPhone 1.0.1
Fling! Free for iPhoneFling! Free for iPhone 1.9.0Sporos for AndroidSporos for Android 1.7
Pudding Monsters HD for iPadPudding Monsters HD for iPad 1.2Pudding Monsters for iPhonePudding Monsters for iPhone 1.2
Fuzzle Christmas for iPhoneFuzzle Christmas for iPhone 1.6.4Fuzzle Christmas for Windows PhoneFuzzle Christmas for Windows Phone
Save the Puppies for AndroidSave the Puppies for Android 1.3.0Fling! for BlackBerryFling! for BlackBerry 1.2
Number Twins - Novel Games Limited for macNumber Twins 1.3.3PulseViewPulseView 0.1.0
libsigroklibsigrok 0.2.0Gomoku - CronlyGamesGomoku 1.1.1
Number Balls - Novel Games Limited for macNumber Balls 1.2.1More or Less - Novel Games Limited for macMore or Less 1.3.2
Kakuro - Novel Games Limited for macKakuro 1.3.2Octopuzzle for iPhone/iPadOctopuzzle for iPhone/iPad 2.3
Untangled HD for iPhone/iPadUntangled HD for iPhone/iPad 1.4Feed the Penguin for iPhone/iPadFeed the Penguin for iPhone/iPad 1.0.7
Feed the Penguin for AndroidFeed the Penguin for Android 1.0.7Angry Birds (Windows Phone)Angry Birds (Windows Phone)
Feed the Penguin for BlackBerryFeed the Penguin for BlackBerry 1.0.16FunMod Network Analysis for CytoscapeFunMod Network Analysis for Cytoscape 2.8.3
Family tree - Stefan FlöserFamily tree AlphaGet The Nut for AndroidGet The Nut for Android 1.2
Get The Nut for iPhone/iPadGet The Nut for iPhone/iPad 1.0Sporos for iPhone/iPadSporos for iPhone/iPad 1.5
Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD for AndroidCut the Rope: Time Travel HD for Android 1.0Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD for iPadCut the Rope: Time Travel HD for iPad 1.0
Vizio CA27T-B1 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 8Vizio CA27T-B1 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 8Doodle Fit Lite for iPhone/iPadDoodle Fit Lite for iPhone/iPad 1.1.0
Cut the Rope: Time Travel for iPhoneCut the Rope: Time Travel for iPhone 1.0Cut the Rope: Experiments for Windows PhoneCut the Rope: Experiments for Windows Phone
Pettson's Inventions 2 for iPhone/iPadPettson's Inventions 2 for iPhone/iPad 1.1Color Oil Pro for AndroidColor Oil Pro for Android 1.2
Color Oil Pro for BlackBerryColor Oil Pro for BlackBerry 1.2REBALL Pro for AndroidREBALL Pro for Android 1.4
REBALL Free for BlackBerryREBALL Free for BlackBerry 1.0REBALL for AndroidREBALL for Android 1.4
Bust-A-MoveBust-A-Move 2.2.0Catcha Mouse for AndroidCatcha Mouse for Android 1.2.73
Color Oil for AndroidColor Oil for Android 1.2Color Oil for BlackBerryColor Oil for BlackBerry 1.2.1
Color Oil for iPhone/iPadColor Oil for iPhone/iPad 1.2REBALL for BlackBerryREBALL for BlackBerry 1.0
REBALL for iPhone/iPadREBALL for iPhone/iPad 1.2SlifisSlifis 0.7.0 Beta
Relay-based AND and NAND gatesRelay-based AND and NAND gates 1.0Brain Gym - Mihaela PopescuBrain Gym 1.0.1
OR and NOR gatesOR and NOR gates 1.0Hungry Piggy PlusHungry Piggy Plus 1.0.1
Classic Mines - Novel Games Limited for macClassic Mines 1.3.2Azkend 2: The World Beneath for Windows PhoneAzkend 2: The World Beneath for Windows Phone
Pushover - Andreas RoeverPushover 0.0.5Bouncy Ball 2.5D for AndroidBouncy Ball 2.5D for Android
Seesaw Logic - Novel Games Limited for macSeesaw Logic 1.3.1Click Ninja for AndroidClick Ninja for Android 1.0.1
Rope Rescue Free for AndroidRope Rescue Free for Android 1.252Click Ninja for iPhone/iPadClick Ninja for iPhone/iPad 1.0
Rope Rescue for BlackBerryRope Rescue for BlackBerry 1.1Bouncy Ball for iPhone/iPadBouncy Ball for iPhone/iPad 1.0.3
Vizio CA27-A1 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 7Vizio CA27-A1 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 7Vizio CA24T-A4 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 8Vizio CA24T-A4 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 8
Vizio CA24T-A4 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 7Vizio CA24T-A4 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 7LabelingLabeling 1.1.2
Clumsy Pirates for AndroidClumsy Pirates for Android 2.3Dell Precision 450 LSI Logic Ultra 320 SCSI Adapter Firmware Precision 450 LSI Logic Ultra 320 SCSI Adapter Firmware
Vizio CA24-A1 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 8Vizio CA24-A1 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 8Vizio CA24-A1 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 7Vizio CA24-A1 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 7
Pinch 2 Special Edition for AndroidPinch 2 Special Edition for Android 1.0.0PegopolisPegopolis 1.0.2
Train your Brain with Dr. KawashimaTrain your Brain with Dr. Kawashima 2.0.7FlowerStoryFlowerStory 1.0
JBioWHJBioWH 3.1.0Flip It II - Novel Games Limited for macFlip It II 1.4.2
Sudoku X - Novel Games Limited for macSudoku X 1.4.2iMines - Jianan LeiiMines 2.0
Clumsy Pirates for iPhone/iPadClumsy Pirates for iPhone/iPad 2.4PuzzleliciousPuzzlelicious 1.1
Bouncy Ball for AndroidBouncy Ball for Android 1.0
Biobar - Jawahar Swaminathan for macBiobar 2.0.7Eagle Eye - Novel Games Limited for macEagle Eye 1.1.2
JK-flipflopJK-flipflop 1.0Family TreeFamily Tree 1.1.0
Greedy Knight - Novel Games Limited for macGreedy Knight 1.5.1Java Open ChessJava Open Chess 1.0 R1
Liquid Measure LiteLiquid Measure Lite 2.0Pudding Monsters HD for AndroidPudding Monsters HD for Android 1.2
Pudding Monsters for AndroidPudding Monsters for Android 1.2Pinch 2 Special Edition for iPhone/iPadPinch 2 Special Edition for iPhone/iPad 1.0
The New One - Novel Games Limited for macThe New One 1.4.2Where is Pixel?Where is Pixel? 0.2.2
The Warehouse - Novel Games Limited for macThe Warehouse 1.2.2AutoSave for Logic ProAutoSave for Logic Pro 3.8.4
Memory IV - Novel Games Limited for macMemory IV 1.3.1Octopuzzle Free for AndroidOctopuzzle Free for Android 2.5
Zombie Minesweeper Lite for iPhone/iPadZombie Minesweeper Lite for iPhone/iPad 1.6Angry Birds Rio (Android)Angry Birds Rio (Android) 1.6.1
Vizio CN15-A1 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 7Vizio CN15-A1 Cirrus Logic Audio Driver for Windows 7Zombie Minesweeper for AndroidZombie Minesweeper for Android 1.6.11
Zombie Minesweeper for iPhone/iPadZombie Minesweeper for iPhone/iPad 1.6Impossible QuestImpossible Quest 1.0.1
Bitwise Logic FunctionsBitwise Logic Functions 1.0Robo-Rail Easter Edition Full for AndroidRobo-Rail Easter Edition Full for Android 1.7
Gerblins! Free for AndroidGerblins! Free for Android 1.0.0Gerblins! Free for iPhone/iPadGerblins! Free for iPhone/iPad 1.0.0
Robo-Rail Easter Edition for AndroidRobo-Rail Easter Edition for Android 1.7Online Logical PuzzlesOnline Logical Puzzles 1.1.3
Gerblins! for AndroidGerblins! for Android 1.0.0Lola's Beach PuzzleLola's Beach Puzzle 1.7.0
Doodle Tic Tac ToeDoodle Tic Tac Toe 1.0CytoCyto 1.0
Robofix HDRobofix HD 1.5RobofixRobofix 1.5
Robo-Rail for AndroidRobo-Rail for Android 1.3Robo-Rail for iPhone/iPadRobo-Rail for iPhone/iPad 1.0
Azkend 2: The World Beneath Lite for AndroidAzkend 2: The World Beneath Lite for Android 1.1.7Azkend Free for AndroidAzkend Free for Android 1.2.5
Azkend 2 HD - The World Beneath for iPhone/iPadAzkend 2 HD - The World Beneath for iPhone/iPad 1.2.0Azkend 2: The World Beneath for AndroidAzkend 2: The World Beneath for Android 1.1.9
Azkend for AndroidAzkend for Android 1.2.6Azkend for Windows PhoneAzkend for Windows Phone
Joining Hands for AndroidJoining Hands for Android 1.1.0Robo-Rail Easter Edition for iPhone/iPadRobo-Rail Easter Edition for iPhone/iPad 1.6
Dot by Dot +Dot by Dot + 1.2Gerblins! for iPhone/iPadGerblins! for iPhone/iPad 1.0.0
Robofix LiteRobofix Lite 2.0fishtactoefishtactoe 1.0
Neon Dots FreeNeon Dots Free 1.0.5Octopuzzle for AndroidOctopuzzle for Android 2.1
Systre - Olaf Delgado-FriedrichsSystre 1.1.5 BetaConnect'Em for AndroidConnect'Em for Android 1.0.12
Cypress Inheritance for AndroidCypress Inheritance for Android 5.3.1Matcho MixMatcho Mix 1.0.0
Fatty Maze's Adventures - Andrey TryakshinFatty Maze's Adventures 1.0.0Tic Tac Toe - Piotr RaczkoTic Tac Toe 1.0.1
libastrolibastro 1.0.2Multimedia LogicMultimedia Logic 1.4
Turning Melo HD Lite for iPadTurning Melo HD Lite for iPad 1.1.0Turning Melo Lite for iPhoneTurning Melo Lite for iPhone 1.1.0
Turning Melo HD for AndroidTurning Melo HD for Android 1.1.0Turning Melo for AndroidTurning Melo for Android 1.1.0
Turning Melo HD for iPadTurning Melo HD for iPad 1.1.0Turning Melo for iPhoneTurning Melo for iPhone 1.1.0
Munchie's Lunch HDMunchie's Lunch HD 1.0.2Cypress Inheritance for iPhone/iPadCypress Inheritance for iPhone/iPad 1.6
Cut the Rope: Time Travel for AndroidCut the Rope: Time Travel for Android 1.0.2Morpheus for ancient languagesMorpheus for ancient languages
Stone FloodStone Flood 1.3StereoStatStereoStat 1.6.1 Build 125
SPINdle - DefeasibleSPINdle 2.2.0Connect'Em Halloween for AndroidConnect'Em Halloween for Android 1.0.5
Connect'Em Easter for AndroidConnect'Em Easter for Android 1.0.3Best Lights Off FreeBest Lights Off Free 1.0.5
MASH - Magnate Interactive LtdMASH 1.2.0MomeryMomery 1.0
BloxBox for AndroidBloxBox for Android 1.0.2BloxBox for iPhoneBloxBox for iPhone 1.00
CuckooChessCuckooChess 1.12Puzzles - Stephen LavellePuzzles 1.0
Sudoku Seasons - 99Games Online Private LimitedSudoku Seasons 2.1.1Orbox B for Windows PhoneOrbox B for Windows Phone
Orbox B for AndroidOrbox B for Android 1.0Orbox C for AndroidOrbox C for Android 1.8
Orbox C for Windows PhoneOrbox C for Windows Phone C Free for AndroidOrbox C Free for Android 1.6
Reiner Knizia's ClusterMaster for iPhone/iPadReiner Knizia's ClusterMaster for iPhone/iPad 1.5.2123 Kids Fun Dots - RosMedia123 Kids Fun Dots 1.4
MollicinoMollicino 1.0Sudoku - Basicer.comSudoku
Online Logical GamesOnline Logical Games 1.1.2 rev25CUAHSI HydroDesktop PortableCUAHSI HydroDesktop Portable
HexiusHexius 2.0.7TermometerTermometer 2011-12-12
Reiner Knizia's Labyrinth HD Lite for iPhone/iPadReiner Knizia's Labyrinth HD Lite for iPhone/iPad 1.7.2Who Is The Killer (Episode III)Who Is The Killer (Episode III) 1.0.0
Backgammon Classic - Dmytro DenysBackgammon Classic 1.0Jigsaw Sudoku - Novel Games Limited for macJigsaw Sudoku 1.3.1
Chess2Chess2HundredsHundreds 1.2.2
Reiner Knizia's ClusterMaster for AndroidReiner Knizia's ClusterMaster for Android 1.5aBomb GameBomb Game
Munchie's LunchMunchie's Lunch 1.0.2Fat Birds Build a Bridge!Fat Birds Build a Bridge! 1.1
Christmas MansionChristmas Mansion 1.0.2Mr WordMr Word 1.0
Learning For LogicLearning For Logic 1.0Cards MatchCards Match 1.0
DMD's Logic Pro 9 Producer ProDMD's Logic Pro 9 Producer Pro 4.22Fit It!Fit It! 1.9.4
Facebook Sort-By-DateFacebook Sort-By-Date 0.91The Moron Test HDThe Moron Test HD 2.0.1
OMEROOMERO 4.4.8Doctor Dot HDDoctor Dot HD 1.0.1
Bubble Popper XXL for iPhone/iPadBubble Popper XXL for iPhone/iPad 1.2.1Kings Can Fly for AndroidKings Can Fly for Android 1.1
Multiplayer Hex - Novel Games Limited for macMultiplayer Hex 1.1.0SILKin - Gary Morris & Gary SimonsSILKin 1.0.1
StringZStringZ 1.1.4Kings Can Fly for iPhone/iPadKings Can Fly for iPhone/iPad 1.1
Zombiez!Zombiez! 1.1.1DMD's Logic Pro 9 Know It AllDMD's Logic Pro 9 Know It All 3.60
Doodle WordsDoodle Words 1.0 Build 3618Mia: ReadingMia: Reading 1.3.1
purpleminespurplemines 1.7Fatty Maze's Adventures LightFatty Maze's Adventures Light 1.0.2
Fatty Maze's AdventuresFatty Maze's Adventures 1.1.6UnvanquishedUnvanquished 0.9.0
Sleepwalker's Journey HD Free for iPadSleepwalker's Journey HD Free for iPad 1.02Sleepwalker's Journey Free for iPhoneSleepwalker's Journey Free for iPhone 1.02
Fresco Logic USB 3.0 Driver Logic USB 3.0 Driver DeluxeChess Deluxe 1.00
Sleepwalker's Journey HD for iPadSleepwalker's Journey HD for iPad 1.2Sleepwalker's Journey for AndroidSleepwalker's Journey for Android 1.11
Sleepwalker's Journey for iPhoneSleepwalker's Journey for iPhone 1.2infeCCt Free for AndroidinfeCCt Free for Android 1.4.4
infeCCt Gold for iPhoneinfeCCt Gold for iPhone 1.0infeCCt for BlackBerry PlayBookinfeCCt for BlackBerry PlayBook 1.0
infeCCt for BlackBerryinfeCCt for BlackBerry for AndroidinfeCCt for Android 1.4.4
infeCCt for iPhoneinfeCCt for iPhone 2.02Ka-GlomKa-Glom 1.2.4
Sequence MasterSequence Master 1.1.2Save the Puppies Premium for AndroidSave the Puppies Premium for Android 1.3.0
Save The Puppies Premium for iPhone/iPadSave The Puppies Premium for iPhone/iPad 1.0.0Magic Alchemist Xmas Lite for iPhone/iPadMagic Alchemist Xmas Lite for iPhone/iPad 1.2
Magic Alchemist Xmas for iPhone/iPadMagic Alchemist Xmas for iPhone/iPad 1.2Save The Puppies for iPhone/iPadSave The Puppies for iPhone/iPad 1.0.0
Memory IV - Novel Games LimitedMemory IV 1.3.2Spirits for AndroidSpirits for Android 1.1.2
Spirits for iPadSpirits for iPad 1.4Spirits for iPhoneSpirits for iPhone 1.5.3
Doctor DotDoctor Dot 1.0.1Cut the Rope for Windows PhoneCut the Rope for Windows Phone
Brain Train Age - Fang GuBrain Train Age 1.0.1Music Memory - Novel Games LimitedMusic Memory 1.6.1
DonlookDonlookMemory 2 - Novel Games LimitedMemory 2 2.9.1
Maze - Novel Games LimitedMaze 2.13.1WIDE FrameworkWIDE Framework 0.0.1
Cut the Rope for iPhoneCut the Rope for iPhone 2.2.1Halloween Pumpkins - Novel Games Limited for macHalloween Pumpkins 1.10.3
QuadromQuadrom a.00Graph PuzzlesGraph Puzzles 1.3
DermatologyDermatology 1.0iJooleem FreeiJooleem Free 1.0.1
iJooleemHDiJooleemHD 1.0iJooleemiJooleem 1.0
Greedy Spiders 2 Free for AndroidGreedy Spiders 2 Free for Android 1.3.2Greedy Spiders 2 HD Free for iPadGreedy Spiders 2 HD Free for iPad 1.11
Greedy Spiders 2 HD for iPadGreedy Spiders 2 HD for iPad 1.0Greedy Spiders 2 Free for iPhoneGreedy Spiders 2 Free for iPhone 1.21
Greedy Spiders 2 for iPhoneGreedy Spiders 2 for iPhone 1.1Greedy Spiders 2 for AndroidGreedy Spiders 2 for Android 1.1