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Tag: spam filter

Anti-CaptchaAnti-Captcha 20130429QapTchaQapTcha 4.2
Avast! Internet Security [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!]Avast! Internet Security [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!] 8.0.1483 / 8.0.1486 R2 Beta 3stopspamstopspam 0.3
ThunderBayes++ThunderBayes++ RCSlide SubmitSlide Submit 1.0.2
No-Spam IP GeolocationNo-Spam IP Geolocation 0.1SpamBully for IMAPSpamBully for IMAP
Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Microsoft Outlook 2010Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Microsoft Outlook 2010 March 2013Spamihilator PortableSpamihilator Portable
MP Spam Be GoneMP Spam Be Gone 3.0WP Anti SpamWP Anti Spam 1.2.6
Akismet ClassAkismet Class 1.1.0CodeIgniter-AkismetCodeIgniter-Akismet
Spam Reader - LuxContinent LLCSpam Reader 3.5Mail Avenger - David MazieresMail Avenger 0.8.3
Avast! Internet Security [DISCOUNT: 25% OFF]Avast! Internet Security [DISCOUNT: 25% OFF] 7.0.1466 / 7.0.1468 BetaPowerMail - CTM Development SAPowerMail 6.1.4 Build 4652 / 6.1.5 Beta 1 Build 4653
redisbayesredisbayes 0.1.3java-akismetjava-akismet 0.0.8
AkispyAkispy 0.1WP No-Bot QuestionWP No-Bot Question 0.1.3
Avast! Internet Security - AVAST SoftwareAvast! Internet Security 7.0.1466 [25% OFF]WP Slider CaptchaWP Slider Captcha 1.2.0
Policy Patrol Disclaimers (formerly Policy Patrol Spam Filter)Policy Patrol Disclaimers (formerly Policy Patrol Spam Filter) 7.05Mollom API moduleMollom API module 6.x-1.x-dev
redWall FirewallredWall Firewall 2.6.2 GAInboxGuardianInboxGuardian 1.0f Build 3414
milter manager - Kouhei Sutoumilter manager 1.8.6Thunderbird Junk Log To Postfix Header CheckThunderbird Junk Log To Postfix Header Check 1.0
SpamTaskSpamTask 1.3.6Comment LockdownComment Lockdown 6.x-1.0
Block-Spam-By-MathBlock-Spam-By-Math 1.0SNIMTASNIMTA 0.9.1259.14499
DKeyEventDKeyEvent 0.4.8AntiVirusAntiVirus 1.3.4
SpamicideSpamicide 6.x-1.8 / 5.x-1.2Clean-Box 2008Clean-Box 2008
CFFormProtect Plugin for Mango BlogCFFormProtect Plugin for Mango Blog 1.1Bot DefenseBot Defense V1.2
JS AntiSpamJS AntiSpam 1.2.4Smart ThrottleSmart Throttle 1.0.2
modusGatemodusGate 5.0 Build 916JEP(S) GreylistJEP(S) Greylist
free PHP CAPTCHAfree PHP CAPTCHA v1.4.1Confident CaptchaConfident Captcha 2.3
NoSpamNXNoSpamNX 5.1.11spmfilterspmfilter 0.4.2
Antispam BeeAntispam Bee 2.5.7MRFilterMRFilter
SpamBayesSpamBayes 1.1 Alpha 6Fail2ban firewall integrationFail2ban firewall integration 6.x-0.x-dev
Roosl's Mail FilterRoosl's Mail Filter 5.1Over POP Kmail improvementOver POP Kmail improvement 0.0.4
EmC-Email ControlEmC-Email Control 2.2.9Antair Spam Filter (BlackBerry)Antair Spam Filter (BlackBerry) 4.2.6
WinDeveloper IMF TuneWinDeveloper IMF Tune 1.6.2
BogofilterBogofilter 1.2.2SpamAssassinSpamAssassin
SpamBlazerSpamBlazer 0.1 Alpha RC1
ThunderBayes for ThunderbirdThunderBayes for Thunderbird 1.0.16SpamScanSpamScan 1.00
MicroAkismetMicroAkismet 1.2CaptchatorCaptchator Beta
DynaStopDynaStop 10092.1649.1291028932SPASTICSPASTIC 3.3.2
PowerMailPowerMail 6.0.6 Build 86400WoW++WoW++ 1.0.5
SynspamSynspam 0.4.6JunkItJunkIt 0.3 Beta
Portable PhalanxPortable Phalanx 3.3Yawasp 3.3
Hazard Mail LinkHazard Mail LinkIntego Personal AntispamIntego Personal Antispam X6 10.6.9
Avast! Internet Security [ DISCOUNT: 17% OFF! ]Avast! Internet Security [ DISCOUNT: 17% OFF! ] 5.1.884 Beta / 5.1.864NoSpamNX 2.9NoSpamNX 2.9
Mollom for IIS/ASPMollom for IIS/ASPMollom for SilverStripe v0.2Mollom for SilverStripe v0.2
Mollom for Perl 0.07Mollom for Perl 0.07Mollom for PHP5 1.1.3Mollom for PHP5 1.1.3
Mollom for JavaMollom for JavaMollom for Python 0.2Mollom for Python 0.2
Mollom for StatusNetMollom for StatusNetMollom for Radiant 0.0.5Mollom for Radiant 0.0.5
Mollom for Zend Framework 1.2.0Mollom for Zend Framework 1.2.0Mollom for Wordpress 0.7.4Mollom for Wordpress 0.7.4
Mollom for .NET 1.1Mollom for .NET 1.1Akismet Class 1.0.2Akismet Class 1.0.2
PurifyPurify 2.3.0Focus for FacebookFocus for Facebook 1.13
RspamdRspamd 0.5.6JS AntiSpam 1.2.2JS AntiSpam 1.2.2
SpamSieveSpamSieve 2.9.7SAWCSAWC 1.01
Spam CounterStrikeSpam CounterStrike 1.2SpamAI Lite Email Filter Software DRLSpamAI Lite Email Filter Software DRL 4.0
PP MailCheckPP MailCheck 2.1POP3FilterPOP3Filter 1.11
MailcleaningMailcleaning 1.0.141 BetaSaavorSaavor 2.0.18
SpamScreener 2006SpamScreener 2006 1.0.0No More SpamNo More Spam 3.0 build 5.822
BSpamBSpam 2.2.5CAMELOT Security Lite Edition 2005CAMELOT Security Lite Edition 2005 2.0.12
MailTalkXMailTalkX 3.60SPAM ShredderSPAM Shredder 3.5
Out SpamOut Spam 1.1Letterman Spam Control ProLetterman Spam Control Pro 3.5.281
Sirana SpamCenterSirana SpamCenter 2.0MyIdnWebShieldMyIdnWebShield 1.5
Virdi Advanced Mail Processor (VAMP)Virdi Advanced Mail Processor (VAMP) 1.8.4eTrust Anti-SpameTrust Anti-Spam 4.0.38
AdvMathAppl Spam FilterAdvMathAppl Spam Filter 1.0G-Lock SpamCombatG-Lock SpamCombat 3.0 Build 1000
SpamMover for Exchange 2000/2003SpamMover for Exchange 2000/2003 1.0.34Policy Patrol Spam FilterPolicy Patrol Spam Filter 4.29
SpamBayes Outlook Anti-spam pluginSpamBayes Outlook Anti-spam plugin 1.1a3Nexus SpamNexus Spam 1.0
ReSieveReSieve 2.0.37GetMail EvolutionGetMail Evolution 1.0
A+ Email Spam FilterA+ Email Spam Filter 2.0.0SpamAssassin for Win32SpamAssassin for Win32
iHateSpamiHateSpam 5.0.4272.0 / 4.0.632SpamPocketSpamPocket 2.0
SpamBoxSpamBox 2.0 BetaSoft191 Mail CheckSoft191 Mail Check 1.0
Spam Filter for ISPsSpam Filter for ISPs for Outlook ExpressJunkWarden for Outlook Express 4.44
Site Spam BlockerSite Spam Blocker 1.2 Build 20070518
http:BLhttp:BL 1.2 Build 20070714Validate TrackbackValidate Trackback 1.2 Build 20070310
OEBuddyOEBuddy 1.2Temporary InboxTemporary Inbox 1.2
XToMeXToMe 2.4.3
Antispam Marisuite (formerly Outlook Addin)Antispam Marisuite (formerly Outlook Addin) 1.0.6Avast! Internet SecurityAvast! Internet Security 6.0.1203
SpamBully 4 for OutlookSpamBully 4 for Outlook for Outlook Express / Windows MailSpamBully for Outlook Express / Windows Mail
SpamWeed Anti-Spam FilterSpamWeed Anti-Spam Filter 3.4 Beta Build 91 / 3.3 Build 79AntispamSniper for The Bat!AntispamSniper for The Bat! /
Phishing Sweeper Admin ConsolPhishing Sweeper Admin Consol 1.2
Begardin Toolbar for IEBegardin Toolbar for IE 1.01 Click Spam Shield1 Click Spam Shield 2.0.3
SpamAI Anti-Spam Filter SoftwareSpamAI Anti-Spam Filter Software DR-2.00.0Letterman Spam Control StdLetterman Spam Control Std 3.5.281
Free Antispam ScannerFree Antispam Scanner 1.1DespamiousDespamious
Spam StrainerSpam Strainer 1.0.3PurgyPurgy 1.0
Arovax NoSpamArovax NoSpam 2.0.124Accurate Spam For Outlook ExpressAccurate Spam For Outlook Express 1.2
Cactus Spam FilterCactus Spam Filter 3.01 Open Sesame Spam BlockerOpen Sesame Spam Blocker 1.0.0
Spamcc ProSpamcc Pro 5.3Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook ExpressAlchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express 1.1
Mailbox FilterMailbox Filter 4.0PHP5 AkismetPHP5 Akismet 0.4
Outlook Express Spam FilterOutlook Express Spam Filter 1.0Email AuditEmail Audit 3.2
Prevent Fake EmailsPrevent Fake Emails 1.0AntispamAntiSpam 6.x-1.3
Pro Spam RemovePro Spam Remove 1.2SpamBrave for Outlook ExpressSpamBrave for Outlook Express 5.5
PostGuard Spam FilterPostGuard Spam Filter 3.5QMailFilterQMailFilter 2.2
Official Spam Filter for MS OutlookOfficial Spam Filter for MS Outlook 1.2Official Spam Filter for Outlook ExpressOfficial Spam Filter for Outlook Express 1.2
MailMenderMailMender EmailInvisible Email 2.0
Agnitum Spam TerrierAgnitum Spam Terrier 2.0 Build 164AGAVA AntispamServantAGAVA AntispamServant 2.1.3
SpamSquashSpamSquash 2.01SPAMfighter ProSPAMfighter Pro 7.6.37
Mail Snoop ProMail Snoop Pro 3.00 Build 20ORF Enterprise EditionORF Enterprise Edition 5.0
Spam Filter for OutlookSpam Filter for Outlook 1.2Messenger Service SPAM FilterMessenger Service SPAM Filter 1.0
Extensible Messaging Platform Anti-Spam FilterExtensible Messaging Platform Anti-Spam Filter 5.5Spam Inspector Anti Spam FilterSpam Inspector Anti Spam Filter 4.0
Easy Email Spam FilterEasy Email Spam Filter 1Spam-Filter-Mailbox FilterSpam-Filter-Mailbox Filter 4.1.09
spamBatspamBat 10166SpamMonsterSpamMonster 1.70.09
MailWasher Enterprise ServerMailWasher Enterprise Server Mailbox LIGHT3D Mailbox LIGHT
KooMailKooMail 2.96SpamArrowSpamArrow 1.20.1
XE-FilterXE-Filter 3.0.0Disruptor OLDisruptor OL
GateWall AntispamGateWall Antispam 2.0.2898.13590Akismet .Net 2.0 APIAkismet .Net 2.0 API 1.0.1
FreeSpamFilter ScreensaverFreeSpamFilter Screensaver 1.0Cloudmark Desktop for ThunderbirdCloudmark Desktop for Thunderbird 1.0