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Tag: thunderbird extension

filemailfilemail 0.4Nepali PatroNepali Patro 1.0.5
MagicSLR for Thunderbird - Alexander IhrigMagicSLR for Thunderbird 3.7Email Security Plus - Paolo RovelliEmail Security Plus 1.6.0
Thunderbird ConversationsThunderbird Conversations 2.6.3PitchDark for TBPitchDark for TB 3.1.1
OpenAttachmentByExtensionOpenAttachmentByExtension 0.3.3WAT (WebApplicationTab)WAT (WebApplicationTab) 0.8
Extra Folder ColumnsExtra Folder Columns 1.1.3AutoProxy for ThunderbirdAutoProxy for Thunderbird 0.4b2.2013051811
Unsubscribe from Mailing List for ThunderbirdUnsubscribe from Mailing List for Thunderbird 1.0.6Image Zoom for Thunderbird - Jason AdamsImage Zoom for Thunderbird 0.6.3
Fast Close Tabs for ThunderbirdFast Close Tabs for Thunderbird 1.4MM3 Proxy Switch for ThunderbirdMM3 Proxy Switch for Thunderbird 2013.92
Flexible Identity for ThunderbirdFlexible Identity for Thunderbird 1.0.2Simple Clocks for ThunderbirdSimple Clocks for Thunderbird 2.3.1
TipTopic for ThunderbirdTipTopic for Thunderbird 2.0Themes Menu for ThunderbirdThemes Menu for Thunderbird 1.17
About Startup for ThunderbirdAbout Startup for Thunderbird 0.1.11MM3-ProxySwitch for Thunderbird - Dietmar MuenzenbergerMM3-ProxySwitch for Thunderbird 2013.1
infoRSS for Thunderbird - Didier ErnotteinfoRSS for Thunderbird 1.4.2infoRSS for FirefoxinfoRSS for Firefox 1.4.2
Mailbox Alert for Thunderbird - Jelte JansenMailbox Alert for Thunderbird 0.16.3random(signature)random(signature) 1.6.1
Timeline - TeesterTimeline 0.4.2Master Password+ for ThunderbirdMaster Password+ for Thunderbird 1.21.2
Restart application for ThunderbirdRestart application for Thunderbird 1.2.1TBTracer for ThunderbirdTBTracer for Thunderbird 0.7
AutoCopy 2 for ThunderbirdAutoCopy 2 for Thunderbird 1.2.7CookieFast for ThunderbirdCookieFast for Thunderbird 1.5
XML Digital Signature Tool for Thunderbird - Subrata MazumdarXML Digital Signature Tool for Thunderbird for ThunderbirdXNote++ for Thunderbird 2.2.9
UxU - UnitTest.XUL for ThunderbirdUxU - UnitTest.XUL for Thunderbird 1.0.1Saved Password Editor for Thunderbird - Daniel DawsonSaved Password Editor for Thunderbird 2.7
Identity Chooser for ThunderbirdIdentity Chooser for Thunderbird 1.8.3Forumzilla for ThunderbirdForumzilla for Thunderbird 0.5.8
Display Mail User Agent for Thunderbird - Jürgen ErnstDisplay Mail User Agent for Thunderbird 1.6.9Mozilla Lightning Project - MozillaMozilla Lightning Project 1.9
BOINC Stats 2 for ThunderbirdBOINC Stats 2 for Thunderbird 1.1.1MozMill for Thunderbird - Clint TalbertMozMill for Thunderbird 1.5.19
QuickFox Notes for ThunderbirdQuickFox Notes for Thunderbird 2.8.1Persona Switcher for ThunderbirdPersona Switcher for Thunderbird 1.14
QuickPasswords for ThunderbirdQuickPasswords for Thunderbird 2.9quickFilters for ThunderbirdquickFilters for Thunderbird 1.8
WebMail Notifier for Thunderbird - Byungwook KangWebMail Notifier for Thunderbird 2.9.13Use Bcc Instead - David WhiteUse Bcc Instead 3.1.3
SelectionSK for ThunderbirdSelectionSK for Thunderbird 0.7.10everygain Translator for Thunderbirdeverygain Translator for Thunderbird
Dog Ears for ThunderbirdDog Ears for Thunderbird 1.9Sort and Search Customization Dialogs for ThunderbirdSort and Search Customization Dialogs for Thunderbird 0.0.8
Size in KB for ThunderbirdSize in KB for Thunderbird 1.0.1KDE Wallet password integration for ThunderbirdKDE Wallet password integration for Thunderbird 2.1
Theme Font & Size Changer for ThunderbirdTheme Font & Size Changer for Thunderbird 7.1ThunderBirthDay for Thunderbird - ingomueller.netThunderBirthDay for Thunderbird 0.8.0
QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders) for ThunderbirdQuickFolders (Tabbed Folders) for Thunderbird 3.11FiltaQuilla for ThunderbirdFiltaQuilla for Thunderbird 1.2.0
Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar and Tasks Provider for ThunderbirdExchange 2007/2010 Calendar and Tasks Provider for Thunderbird 1.8.5gContactSync for Thunderbird - Josh GeenengContactSync for Thunderbird 0.3.5
Dafizilla Table2Clipboard - Davide FicanoDafizilla Table2Clipboard - Davide Ficano 1.5.2Attachment Sizes - Frank DiLecceAttachment Sizes - Frank DiLecce 0.0.9
SpamnessSpamness 0.6.3Ruler BarRuler Bar 0.4.2011020301
UxU - UnitTest.XULUxU - UnitTest.XUL 0.9.0Remove KampyleRemove Kampyle 0.1
CantoFish - John BurketCantoFish - John Burket 1.39arXivarXiv 1.2.1
Japanese Style AddressJapanese Style Address 0.1.1SavedSearchThemAllSavedSearchThemAll 1.2.1
T-Bird Titlebar TweakerT-Bird Titlebar Tweaker 4.5.0GQueues TabGQueues Tab 1.0
Opacus SugarCRM Thunderbird ExtensionOpacus SugarCRM Thunderbird Extension 1.5.8FireShot for ThunderbirdFireShot for Thunderbird 0.98.32
Contact PhotosContact Photos 0.1.10Image Zoom - Jason AdamsImage Zoom - Jason Adams 0.4.6
Unified Search - IagoSRLUnified Search - IagoSRL 0.5.0ResetRecResetRec 1.0
AutoSave - Frank DiLecceAutoSave - Frank DiLecce 0.1.0Get An AccountGet An Account 1.0.4
OrderAttOrderAtt 1.2xSidebar for Thunderbird - Philip CheexSidebar for Thunderbird - Philip Chee 0.7
ThunderBridgeThunderBridge 7.10Prevent DeletePrevent Delete 1.2
G-Hub LiteG-Hub Lite 2.3.0MozMill - Clint TalbertMozMill - Clint Talbert 1.5.2
WebMail Notifier - Byungwook KangWebMail Notifier - Byungwook Kang 2.7.6Status-bar Scientific Calculator - Sunny GoyalStatus-bar Scientific Calculator - Sunny Goyal 4.9.3
Return Receipt Toolbar ButtonReturn Receipt Toolbar Button 0.14Grammar CheckerGrammar Checker 0.6
about:supportabout:support 1.0QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders)QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders) 2.4
BorderColorsBorderColors 0.6nottonotto 0.6
Repeat BordersRepeat Borders 2.2SendViaSendVia 1.0.1
Signal SpamSignal Spam 0.6.1Sieve for ThuderbirdSieve 0.2.2
Turkmen Spell CheckerTurkmen spell checker 0.01NoSubjectFromTemplateNoSubjectFromTemplate 0.1.2
DictionarySearch - Jaap HaitsmaDictionarySearch - Jaap Haitsma 4.0.1Simple HT JumperSimple HT Jumper 1.0.3
Message FacesMessage Faces 0.4.1ConfirmBeforeDeleteConfirmBeforeDelete 0.2.4
Google HubGoogle Hub 2.2.1Status-Bar Custom ButtonsStatus-Bar Custom Buttons 2.5
Add-ons Builder HelperAdd-ons Builder Helper 0.0.5Khmer SBBIC Spelling CheckerKhmer SBBIC Spelling Checker 1.1
LaTeX It!LaTeX It! 0.6.1Auto Resize ImageAuto Resize Image 0.12.3
HederaHedera 0.4elementary.Humanelementary.Human 1.2
Show Address OnlyShow Address Only 0.1.7GlodaQuilla search indexing enhancementsGlodaQuilla search indexing enhancements 0.3.2
Docky Unread CountDocky Unread Count 0.6.3Identity ChooserIdentity Chooser 1.4
SoundPlusSoundPlus 1.2.1Gnome IntegrationGnome Integration 0.4.1
Quick Web SearchQuick Web Search 1.0Hard blockers counterHard blockers counter 1.0.1
Export Calendar To TextExport Calendar To Text 0.3BNR Exchange RatesBNR Exchange Rates 0.2
Noia 2.0 eXtremeNoia 2.0 eXtreme 3.27xultray for gecko 1.9.1xultray for gecko 1.9.1 1.3
Tamil Spell Checker for ThunderbirdTamil Spell Checker for Thunderbird 0.3LocalFolderLocalFolder 0.8.10
TangobirdTangobird 1.2.1GMail Conversation ViewGMail Conversation View 1.1.2
SmtpSwitch for ThunderbirdSmtpSwitch for Thunderbird 1.0.2Google Calendar TabGoogle Calendar Tab 3.5
Gnome OpenGnome Open HunSpell en Français (réforme 1990)Dictionnaire HunSpell en Français (réforme 1990) 3.5
Dictionnaire HunSpell en FrançaisDictionnaire HunSpell en Français 3.5Albanian dictionaryAlbanian dictionary 1.6.6
MarkSubfolders for ThunderbirdMarkSubfolders for Thunderbird 1.0.0Any key for ThunderbirdAny key for Thunderbird 1.6.4
Mail Supported Format From LDAP for ThunderbirdMail Supported Format From LDAP for Thunderbird Complaint for ThunderbirdSpam Complaint for Thunderbird 0.3.264
KDE Wallet password integrationKDE Wallet password integration 0.8HiddenPrefs for ThunderbirdHiddenPrefs for Thunderbird 0.2.1
Address Close ButtonAddress Close Button 1.2ThreadVis for ThunderbirdThreadVis for Thunderbird 2.1.685
Remember the Milk Provider for ThunderbirdRemember the Milk Provider for Thunderbird 0.0.14Select Address Book Text for ThunderbirdSelect Address Book Text for Thunderbird 1.2
SmtpSwitchSmtpSwitch 1.0.2Yet Another Mail Biff for ThunderBirdYet Another Mail Biff for ThunderBird 0.7.0
Get Partial MessagesGet Partial Messages 0.3.0Diccionario espanol ArgentinaDiccionario espanol Argentina 2.5
Card Viewer Extended for ThunderbirdCard Viewer Extended for Thunderbird 1.0.0 release 001311Disable Disable "You" 1.1
eMarkseMarks 1.2.1Manually sort foldersManually sort folders 1.1
Message Archive OptionsMessage Archive Options 0.3.2Phoenity ShredderPhoenity Shredder 3.3.96
OpenXOpenX 0.9Bugzilla HelperBugzilla Helper 0.4.3
QuickFolders for ThunderbirdQuickFolders for Thunderbird 1.8.7SOGo ConnectorSOGo Connector 1.3.5a
CharamelCharamel 1.3.5SilvermelSilvermel 1.3.5
Tiny Menu for ThunderbirdTiny Menu for Thunderbird 2.0.1PrintingTools for ThunderbirdPrintingTools for Thunderbird 0.2.9
OpenAttachmentByExtension for ThunderBirdOpenAttachmentByExtension
Purge!Purge! 0.1Readonly AttachmentsReadonly Attachments 0.9
ConfirmBeforeDelete for ThunderbirdConfirmBeforeDelete for Thunderbird 0.2.7ThreadVisThreadVis 2.1.685
StockTickerStockTicker 1.0.4Allow HTML temp - Pinstripe ThemeAllow HTML temp - Pinstripe Theme 1.0.3
ThreadKeyThreadKey 0.3Folder Selection (Thunderbird)Folder Selection (Thunderbird) 0.1.0
Identity SelectIdentity Select 1.0Identity ReminderIdentity Reminder 1.0
Allow Local AddressesAllow Local Addresses 1.1MagicSLR - Pinstripe ThemeMagicSLR - Pinstripe Theme 1.2.2
Reply In GroupReply In Group 0.0.05RSS Linkify SubjectRSS Linkify Subject 0.1
QuickMenuMCQuickMenuMC 0.7.2
Unselect MessageUnselect Message 1.3Sync On ArrivalSync On Arrival 1.3
Nightly Tester Tools LiteNightly Tester Tools Lite 0.2.2FlatStyle for ThunderbirdFlatStyle for Thunderbird
Stacked View ExtensionStacked View Extension 1.0.3Ciphire Security ReportsCiphire Security Reports
StickyCharsetStickyCharset 0.2.1Attachment SizesAttachment Sizes 0.0.5
Smilie InserterSmilie Inserter 0.7.0Mail Redirect for ThunderbirdMail Redirect for Thunderbird
MarkSubfoldersMarkSubfolders 1.0.2ThunderUpdateThunderUpdate 2.8.9
SmtpSelectSmtpSelect 1.0.0MR Tech Toggle Preview PaneMR Tech Toggle Preview Pane
Advanced Remove DuplicatesAdvanced Remove Duplicates 0.5.1Shiitake Stop buttonShiitake Stop button 0.3.3
Filter Button ThunderbirdFilter Button Thunderbird 0.2.2QuoteCollapseQuoteCollapse 0.7
SuperOffice Mail LinkSuperOffice Mail Link 0.3Shift-Delete ControllerShift-Delete Controller 0.2.8
ThunderledThunderled 0.8.1
Open all linksOpen all links 0.3.1AOL MailAOL Mail 1.1
Quote ColorsQuote Colors 0.2.8Restart ThunderbirdRestart Thunderbird 0.9.1
Recipients OverviewRecipients Overview 1.0Display mail routeDisplay mail route 0.2.2
Headers ToggleHeaders Toggle Get Mail Button (NEW)Easy Get Mail Button (NEW) 0.32
KnujOnKnujOn 0.31Buttons!Buttons!
GMailUIGMailUI 0.6Keyword HighlightKeyword Highlight 1.01
Additional Folder ViewsAdditional Folder Views 0.2.3Run Filters on Folder buttonRun Filters on Folder button 1.1
EelpoutEelpout 1.0Contact-Up-ThunderbirdContact-Up-Thunderbird 1.0
Lightning Multiweek ViewLightning Multiweek View 0.0.2Event-to-task conversion activatorEvent-to-task conversion activator 0.0.2
AddTo Miru Directory ServerAddTo Miru Directory Server 1.0.1Paste Feed LocationPaste Feed Location 0.4
Exit Button ThunderbirdExit Button Thunderbird 0.5Header scroll extensionHeader scroll extension 0.3.3
Fast Mail RedirectFast Mail Redirect 0.4.0Tag the BirdTag the Bird 1.3
Allow Empty SubjectAllow Empty Subject 0.3TB Custom ToolbarTB Custom Toolbar 1.0
NewsWorthy for Thunderbird 1.5NewsWorthy for Thunderbird 1.5 LinksNewsgroup Links 0.1.1
AboutConfigAboutConfig 0.6ThunderBayesThunderBayes 1.0.1
IranZillaIranZilla 0.1DelphishDelphish 1.0
Russian hot keys bugfixRussian hot keys bugfix 1.4.1AttachmentExtractorAttachmentExtractor 1.3.3
ThunderBirthDayThunderBirthDay 0.2.9Automatic ExportAutomatic Export 0.2.3
Get Selected MessagesGet Selected Messages 0.5LookOut Thunderbird Add-onLookOut Thunderbird Add-on 1.2.1
ThreadBubbleThreadBubble 0.6Skype Email Toolbar For ThunderbirdSkype Email Toolbar For Thunderbird
Last MessageLast Message 1.1TB PropertiesTB Properties 0.6
PackageMapping.com ExtensionPackageMapping.com Extension 1.0.4eIndic IMEIndic IME .1
Mozilla Lightning ProjectMozilla Lightning Project 1.6 Beta 1 / 1.5.1SJCallSJCall
Select Address Book TextSelect Address Book Text 1.3.2MinimizeToTray PlusMinimizeToTray Plus 1.0.7
Habu (formerly Okopipi)Habu (formerly Okopipi) - Andre RodierHighlighter - Andre Rodier 0.5.2
Office 2007 BlackOffice 2007 Black 1.5.6QuickFolders (Folder Tabs)QuickFolders (Folder Tabs)
QuickFoldersQuickFolders 2.2Orthodox for ThunderbirdOrthodox for Thunderbird 0.4
AlertSwitchAlertSwitch 0.9.01Unsubscribe from Mailing ListUnsubscribe from Mailing List 1.0.3
Show Folder SizeShow Folder Size OpenAttachmentByExtension LightningMozilla Lightning 0.9 / 1.0 Beta 2 RC1