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Netwag 5.38.0
Netwag 5.38.0 Download
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Publisher  Laurent Constantin
File size  78 KB
License  GPL
Requirements  Mac OS X
Updated March 15, 2010

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Netwag 5.38.0 Details


Netwag is a graphical front end for netwox, an application that comes with 222 network tools.

Netwag permits to easily :
Search amongst tools proposed in netwox
Construct command line
Run tools
Keep an history of commands

Available tools:
Display network configuration
Display debugging information
Display information about an IP address or a hostname
Display information about an Ethernet address
Obtain Ethernet addresses of computers in an IP list
Display how to reach an IP address
Sniff and display open ports
Sniff and display Ethernet addresses
Sniff and display network statistics
Sniff and verify checksums
Display which values to use for netwox parameters
Obtain DLT type for sniff and spoof for each device
Spoof a record
Display content of a record
Convert a record
Recompute checksums of packets in a record
Reassemble IP packets of a record, and reorder TCP flow
Extract a range of packets from a record
Search for strings in packets from a record
Convert a number
Convert a string
Display ASCII table
Convert IP addresses ranges
Test if a directory is secure
Dump a file
Compute MD5 of a file
Convert a binary file to readable and editable file
Convert a readable and editable file to a binary file
Convert a file from unix to dos
Convert a file from dos to unix
Spoof Ethernet packet
Spoof EthernetArp packet
Spoof EthernetIp4 packet
Spoof EthernetIp4Udp packet
Spoof EthernetIp4Tcp packet
Spoof EthernetIp4Icmp4 packet
Spoof Ip4 packet
Spoof Ip4Udp packet
Spoof Ip4Tcp packet
Spoof Ip4Icmp4 packet
Spoof of packet samples : fragment
Spoof of packet samples : fragment, ip4opt:noop
Spoof of packet samples : fragment, ip4opt:rr
Spoof of packet samples : fragment, ip4opt:lsrr
Spoof of packet samples : fragment, ip4opt:ts
Spoof of packet samples : fragment, ip4opt:ipts
Spoof of packet samples : fragment, ip4opt:ippts
Ping ICMP (EthIP spoof)
Ping TCP
Ping TCP (EthIp spoof)
Ping UDP
Ping UDP (EthIp spoof)
Ping ARP
Ping ARP (EthIp spoof)
Traceroute ICMP
Traceroute ICMP (EthIP spoof)
Traceroute TCP
Traceroute TCP (EthIp spoof)
Traceroute UDP
Traceroute UDP (EthIp spoof)
Traceroute on a specified IP protocol
Traceroute on a specified IP protocol (EthIp spoof)
Scan ICMP (EthIP spoof)
Scan TCP
Scan TCP (EthIp spoof)
Scan UDP
Scan UDP (EthIp spoof)
Scan ARP
Scan ARP (EthIp spoof)
Simulate presence of a/several computer/s (arp and ping)
Flood a host with random fragments
Fill table of a switch using a flood of Ethernet packets
Check if seqnum are predictible
Reset every TCP packet
Acknowledge every TCP SYN
Periodically send ARP replies
Send an ICMP4 timestamp
Sniff and send ICMP4/ICMP6 destination unreachable
Sniff and send ICMP4/ICMP6 time exceeded
Sniff and send ICMP4/ICMP6 parameter problem
Sniff and send ICMP4 source quench
Sniff and send ICMP4/ICMP6 redirect
TCP client
UDP client
TCP server
UDP server
TCP server multiclients
UDP server multiclients
TCP remote administration server
TCP remote administration client (exec)
TCP remote administration client (get file)
TCP remote administration client (put file)
SYSLOG client
Flood a host with syslog messages
TELNET client
TELNET client executing one or several commands
Brute force telnet client
Query a DNS server
Obtain version of a Bind DNS server
DNS server always answering same values
Sniff and send DNS answers
Send an email
Post a newsgroup message
List newsgroups available on a server
Download one, or more, newsgroup messages
Ethernet bridge limiting flow
FTP listing a directory
FTP client : get a file
FTP client : put a file
FTP client : del a file
FTP client : get a directory recursively
FTP client : put a directory recursively
FTP client : del a directory recursively
HTTP server
HTTP remote administration server
Cypher/decypher a file using a xor
Split a file in smaller chunks
Reassemble chunks of a file
Brute force ftp client
Brute force http client (site password)
Brute force http client (proxy password)
Convert an url/uri
Obtain urls/uris in a HMTL file
Convert urls/uris in a HMTL file to absolute urls
Web download (http://... or ftp://...)
Create a sample configuration file for tool8
Web spider (use configuration file created by tool7)
Web spider on command line (fully recursive)
Spoof EthernetIp6 packet
Spoof EthernetIp6Udp packet
Spoof EthernetIp6Tcp packet
Spoof EthernetIp6Icmp6 packet
Spoof Ip6 packet
Spoof Ip6Udp packet
Spoof Ip6Tcp packet
Spoof Ip6Icmp6 packet
Ping ICMP6 Neighbor Discovery
Ping ICMP6 Neighbor Discovery (EthIp spoof)
Scan ICMP6 Neighbor Discovery
Scan ICMP6 Neighbor Discovery (EthIp spoof)
Interactive IRC client
IRC client listing channels
IRC client listening on a channel
Network performance measurement : TCP server
Network performance measurement : TCP client
Network performance measurement : UDP server
Network performance measurement : UDP client
SNMP Trap2
SNMP Inform
TFTP client : get a file
TFTP client : put a file
TFTP server
FTP server
Display simple network configuration easy to parse
TELNET server
DHCP client
List articles range of a newsgroup
Download overview of one, or more, newsgroup messages
FTP client : get a file and check its MD5
Web download (http://... or ftp://...) and check its MD5
TFTP client : get a file and check its MD5
Check if a SMTP server is up
Check if an IRC server is up
DHCP client requesting an INFORM
SNTP client obtaining time
SNTP server
Obtain size of a web file (http://... or ftp://...)
TCP relay
UDP relay
TCP multiclient relay
Millisecond sleep
Display date and time
SYSLOG server
SMTP server
Make coffee
Generate a password (English, French, Spanish)
Spoof of packet samples : fragment, ip4opt:ssrr
IDENT client requesting info about an open session
IDENT client creating a session and requesting its info
IDENT server
WHOIS client
WHOIS client guessing server
SMB/CIFS client: list shares
SMB/CIFS client: create a directory
SMB/CIFS client: delete a directory
SMB/CIFS client: rename a directory
SMB/CIFS client: list contents of a directory
SMB/CIFS client: delete a file
SMB/CIFS client: rename a file
SMB/CIFS client: get a file
SMB/CIFS client: put a file
SMB/CIFS client: recursively get a directory
SMB/CIFS client: recursively put a directory
SMB/CIFS client: recursively delete a directory
Web spider on command line (stay in same directory)
Web spider : converts a local downloaded filename to its original url
Web spider : converts an url to its local downloaded filename
Display a list of IP addresses
Traceroute discovery: graph of network topology
Traceroute discovery (EthIp spoof)
SMB/CIFS server
Netwox internal validation suite
Compute cryptographic hash of a file (md5, sha, etc.)
Convert a binary file to a base64 encoded file
Convert a base64 encoded file to a binary file
In a HMTL file, suppress links pointing to local urls



Publisher: Laurent Constantin


Tags: netwox guinetwork scanner


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