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  Ake Hedman
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Most Downloaded Software: Very Simple Control Protocol Daemon
Most Famous Software: Very Simple Control Protocol Daemon
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Website: http://www.vscp.org/
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An interview with Åke Hedman

FW Editor: What can you tell us about the possibilities and options that Very Simple Control Protocol Daemon provides?
Åke Hedman: The VSCP daemon/server is the central place for a VSCP setup where higher end software is to be used. Normally VSCP can work just well without any kind of server once configured. The daemon however allows for multiple clients to connect to different hardware and multiple nets over TCP/IP over a well specified interface. The daemon have support for two hardware driver types. CANAL or Level I drivers which abstracts the hardware interface for nodes and hardware that are low end such as CAN systems. VSCP Level II that is a hiher end driver that can be used for most type of device interfaces such as Blutooth, wireless, RFID etc etc. Alos in the daemon is a scheduler or decision matrix to talk VSCP language that makes it possible to automate complex scenarios.

FW Editor: It is true that Very Simple Control Protocol Daemon consists in 3 distinctive parts, each with different functions and features?
Åke Hedman: Yes it consist of drivers, decision matrix and a user interface.

FW Editor: Who can use Very Simple Control Protocol Daemon? It is product for everyone?
Åke Hedman: The daemon is mainly intended for people and companies that need to control things. Every control scenario can be setup using the daemon.

FW Editor: Maybe one of Very Simple Control Protocol Daemon most important characteristics is the possibility to use a 'decision matrix'. Can you tell us more about this feature?
Åke Hedman: The decision matrix can be used to automate complex control situations. As an example a lamp can be programmed to be on just under a very complex range of conditions. It can also be used to log data, send values to a remote location and so on.

FW Editor: What are your plans for the future and how do you plan to improve Very Simple Control Protocol Daemon?
Åke Hedman: The daemon today works on both Linux and Windows and will be available in an embedded version also soon. It will be possible to handle driver installation and configuration remotely in the future. A lot of drivers and support software is on the way. All major home automation and industrial control equipment will have drivers.

FW Editor: It is true that you are involved in several hardware projects as well?
Åke Hedman: There are plenty of hardware projects that use vanilla VSCP. Some are just demo projects and some are commercial. My involvement is in doing reference designs. I am very excited about our rawEthernet solutions which can coexist with TCP/IP and other protocols that use ethernet. A rawEthernet module can use Power Over Ethernet and does not need any configuration. Just plug it in at a temperature module will for example just start to work. Standard ethernet equipment can be used.

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Very Simple Control Protocol Daemon 0.3.3
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Very Simple Control Protocol Daemon

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