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  Andreas Vilela
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Most Downloaded Software: Kill the Duck
Most Famous Software: Kill the Duck
Total Software Listed: 1
Website: http://andreasvilela.blogspot.com/
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An interview with Andreas Vilela

FW Editor: Kill the Duck definitely is an interesting shooting game. How many levels are there?
Andreas Vilela: There are 20 levels to win the game. Level by level it will be more difficult...

FW Editor: I think an important thing that is missing from Kill the Duck is the possibility to store your scores and even to share them with your friends. Do you plan to add something like that?
Andreas Vilela: Yes.. I am planning to create a new version of the game with this functionality and probably add some Facebook Integration there...

FW Editor: It is true that the popular Duck Hunter was the source of inspiration for Kill the Duck?
Andreas Vilela: Yes, a bit... When I was young I played "Duck Hunter" a lot and this ideia is based on that game...

FW Editor: What shall we expect from the next Kill the Duck version? Can you give us some insights?
Andreas Vilela: Next version of Kill the Duck it will have some new great functionalities... I can say some of them... For example integration with Facebook, new sounds and high scores...

FW Editor: For who was Kill the Duck designed? Is Kill the Duck for kids only or everyone can play it?
Andreas Vilela: It's a addictive game, not only for kids!! Everyone can play and have a great time playing it.

FW Editor: Why do you thing Kill the Duck is so successful? What brings Kill the Duck new for this genre?
Andreas Vilela: I think this success is related to be a similar game to the famous "Duck Hunter" of Nintendo... There is no game in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace like "Kill the Duck", this is single. It's a simple game but addictive and fun. Windows Phone 7 users like to play "Kill the Duck" so much...

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Kill the Duck
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Kill the Duck

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