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  Anthony Gray
Anthony Gray motto:
Doing it well

Publisher Description

Anthony Gray is dedicated to providing software solutions to meet the needs of the average computer user. Gray strives to understand the unmet needs of computer users so that tools can be developed which meet these needs in an efficient and user-friendly manner.

Most Downloaded Software: Elite People Search
Most Famous Software: Elite People Search
Total Software Listed: 8
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/vidmastasoftware/
Services: search tools; p2p; torrents; file sharing;
December Downloads:0

An interview with Anthony Gray

FW Editor: Can you tell us which database is Elite People Search using to search people? Does it have an incorporated database or is using an online database?
Anthony Gray: EPS runs on top of the ZabaSearch people search engine, which pulls its results from public records.

FW Editor: What kind of information is Elite People Search offering for each person? Are these public access data only?
Anthony Gray: EPS offers a person’s name, addresses, phone numbers, and date of birth. If multiple addresses and phone numbers are associated with an individual, then they are listed along with the individual’s name.

FW Editor: How often is Elite People Search updated? Are these updates affecting this software accuracy? For instance, a user can type a name that is not in Elite People Search database.
Anthony Gray: EPS does not store information in an internal database and neither does the search engine that it is built on top of. EPS is updated as necessary, but these updates would not affect search accuracy.

FW Editor: Elite People Search can also eliminate duplicate persons. Can you tell us more about this feature? How can Elite People Search identify a duplicate?
Anthony Gray: EPS identifies a duplicate as a person that has the same name and address as another person. A factor to consider is members of the same household that have the same name.

FW Editor: You have released Elite People Search as a freeware but developing such software must be extremely costly. Is there any way Elite People Search's users can contribute and help you further develop this amazing application?
Anthony Gray: Yes. Visit the forum at http://www.algware.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4. You can suggest new ideas and identify problems or limitations with the current version of EPS to be addressed.

FW Editor: Do you have any plans to increase Elite People Search's search area to Europe and Asia as well? (not only USA).
Anthony Gray: No.

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Elite People Search

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