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Most Downloaded Software: How to Tie a Tie (Android)
Most Famous Software: How to Tie a Tie (Android)
Total Software Listed: 8
Website: http://www.artelplus.com/en/
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An interview with Ramil Valiullin

FW Editor: Hello, please tell us some info about yourself so our readers may get to meet the developer of this nice program.
Ramil Valiullin: Hello, we are ArtelPlus Company, and we make mobile apps for different mobile platforms. We started first with Windows Mobile phones and year ago began to develop for iPhone. Our first iPhone app How to Tie a Tie turned out to be successful and popular among users.

FW Editor: How did you come up with the idea for a program of this kind? Have you been in the situation of needing to tie a knot regularly?
Ramil Valiullin: Not regularly, that's the point. When you tie a tie very often, you usually know one or two tie knots. But when you need to tie a tie a couple of times a month, it's very easy to forget how you do it. Our motivation was very simple. Each person once in his life had the trouble of tying a necktie. It’s great if you have, say, a wife who knows how to tie a necktie. But not everyone can be proud of having such a wonderful wife)). So when it comes to real life, many people are confused. Making a tie knot looks simple but is not simple. Internet can help, but it’s not always ready at hand. But the mobile phone usually is. So after a couple of times when we couldn’t make a tie, it struck us that having a small app near at hand, for example, in the mobile phone, would be great. And we tried to make the app very easy in use and clear so that anybody could tie a necktie independently, without any help. We hope that our app will make people’s life easier.

FW Editor: The difference between the normal version and the Pro version is only about the 4 additional tie knots? Or there are some other differences as well?
Ramil Valiullin: Pro version is much greater because we are constantly working on it and planning a lot of improvements. A free version is good enough for a free app. We have fully redesigned the Pro version, made new great previews of the tie knots, it includes 2 ways of making a bow-tie as well. In the next versions we will add more knots and a small test, what tie knot will suit an individual depending on his weight, height, facial contours etc.

FW Editor: Many people know have also phones with Android or Windows mobile. Do you plan to make this application work on those operating systems as well?
Ramil Valiullin: Yes, our free app How to Tie a Tie is available on Android and Blackberry, and we are going to distribute it to other mobile platforms.

FW Editor: What do you think is the simplest knot to tie and the most difficult one to tie? What do you recommend for the users that will use your program?
Ramil Valiullin: We would recommend to start with the easiest tie knots such as Four-in-hand or Oriental and after you master them, it will be easier to knot other tie knots. Modern tie knots such Cavendish, Grantchester or Diagonal are more difficult to tie.

FW Editor: Is this the first software you have developed? Please tell us something more about your work.
Ramil Valiullin: How to Tie a Tie is our first experience for developing on iPhone. But this experience is valuable and successful. After a free version of the app, we made a paid Pro version, an app How to Tie a Scarf and Lego Instructions which seems to be one of its sort in the Apple Store. We've got many people's responses and we're going to work harder on them to make them really helpful and great apps for phone users.

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How to Tie a Tie (Android)

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