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Most Downloaded Software: CommonPhotostar
Most Famous Software: CommonPhotostar
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An interview with Simon Song

FW Editor: What are your plans or objectives in the near future?
Simon Song: We will continue focus on both marketing and debugging. On marketing side, we are educating people to understand the difference between common flash and the Sightline Media Flash. Most people don't know what's behind Sightline Media Flash - It could provide the smallest Photo Movie with longer playing duration and real photographic effects, which is very suitable to be used on web pages. Saying debugging, it's routine efforts any developer should make, we will upgrade versions frequently in the near future.

FW Editor: How and when did you start writing the code for CommonPhotostar? What inspired you the most? Do you plan to develop new software, or are you more focused on optimizing the current ones?
Simon Song: CommonPhotoStar is a new baby, which is a symbol of Sightline Media Technology. Right now if we visit American famous websites from other country, such as Yahoo!, since they use too much large videos, in fact we got frequently stuck. In our idea, if people like video, Sightline Media should be the final solution, because it could bring about very good user experiences. Well-designed picture content plus moving effects could be quite attractive to cyber surfers. The author of CommonPhotoStar software is a copy editor who processes various books about computer science, most of them are concerning programming. So he used to educate himself of various programming skills, such as Java/C#/VB/VC, one day in 2008 as Simon experimenting with RS-232 Serial Interface programming, he realized the importance of a dynamical graphic viewing program. He was trying to interact with the photos. Later on Simon found a very good way to make a photo move, he must make a powerful photo viewer, which should be better than people had ever seen. Finally he got it through tough programming. Later on he added the flash swf output functions for the program. By then Simon examine the kind of flash he got, to his amazement he found he got a new flash which isn't controlled by Adobe Macromedia's Timeline, or Microsoft or any other developer's templates, but a totally new Photo Flash by sifting your sightline via mouse movements. Simon discussed the new flash with his friends and decided to name it Sightline Media. Thinking what's the initial concept making the author to make a program, yes, RS-232/USB/orther interface hardware related software is what we like most. Debugging and improving CommonPhotoStar is one thing, doing other interesting jobs is another thing, both will be important.

FW Editor: CommonPhotostar is one of the best picture browsing and recording applications from the market. What is the secret?
Simon Song: Since there is capital limitation around our marketing and researching team, the introduction of CommonPhotoStar to the market was not a major campaign likes those from big companies. However, famouswhy/e-mart/geardownload/softpedia and many other reviewers had realized the importance of the emerging new concept CommonPhotoStar bring about - yes, Sightline Media. The acceptances of the new concept and the software in fact stands for a fundamental understanding about the common video transmitting deficiencies through internet. Sightline media is a new potential video solution for the future advertisement.

FW Editor: Do you plan to improve or change CommonPhotostar in any way? If yes, how are you going to do that?
Simon Song: Improve we must. But there will be no major change, since CommonPhotoStar 1.89 is a milestone product for Sightline Media. Our product lines in the future will be sticking to the Sightline Media concept. Any hardware-software related innovation should be under the title of Sightline Media technology. This only reflects our insistence on improving cyber transmission efficiencies and confidence for bring good user experiences for people in the world.

FW Editor: CommonPhotostar has quite a strong competition but, so far, it succeeded in making a name for itself. What do you think about the huge CommonPhotostar success?
Simon Song: Aha, we do different things so God said every product should have its role on this planet. While many developers like to follow, we like to push on new concept. Did we really succeed or not, or broad roads are still lies ahead of us for striding, or seeking giants along the way to persuading establishing new media standards? People could share with us the tasks! Surely we don't like the huge burden. Let's making success together!

FW Editor: Can you tell us more about CommonPhotostar core features?
Simon Song: Surely we should say something. CommonPhotoStar is a hardware-performance-related software. It should have been developed by smart programmers many years ago, or at least any time points after Macromedia introduced Flash 13 years ago. It seems CPU and Memory speed dragged the legs of the rabbit, making it not running fast. The core features of CommonPhotoStar lay in its human-computer interaction capabilities. Along with the improvements for faster hardware speed, programs will be more enjoyable. However, Sightline Media flash is a core feature too for this software, cyber as a hardware is ever experiencing slow speed, in contrasting with local machines, so you always need such core feature to treat with the desires of watching video pieces via internet.

FW Editor: Which image extensions are supported by CommonPhotostar?
Simon Song: JPEG and BMP. We are considering supporting more formats in the future.

FW Editor: Are there any limitations for trial version? It is possible to upgrade a trial version to a full version?
Simon Song: CommonPhotoStar 1.895 trial version is a full functional version, with 30 days trial period. It's a initial release to be used for people getting familiar with. After 30 days it will stop functioning according to Digital River license system setups. You can just visit http://www.commonphotostar.com to click the billing page hosted by RegNow, which is a company belonging to Digital River, RegNow will be controlling all the purchasing and billing deals on behalf of CommonPhotoStar team.

FW Editor: Why would you recommend CommonPhotostar over any other similar product?
Simon Song: Basically, CommonPhotoStar is useful and interesting. It's a very special product to satisfy your needs around viewing photos and making flash movies. People who have seen this software didn't give any reason why it shouldn't be called famous. So you can just make a try with it. Anyway it allows you to perform 30 days full functional free trial. And then you can examine other software to seek the functions you feel more interested.

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