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  Evaggelos Balaskas
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Most Downloaded Software: pirsyncd
Most Famous Software: pirsyncd
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Website: http://ebalaskas.gr
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An interview with Evaggelos Balaskas

FW Editor: Can you tell us a few things about yourself? What determinate you to focus on this developing career; from where this amazing passion for software developing?
Evaggelos Balaskas: First of all, i am not a developer! I am working as Unix System Engineer and i use programming for every day use or to create custom solutions that doesnt exist yet.

FW Editor: Pirsyncd is more than a simple daemon tool and it incorporates an interesting concept. On top of that, Pirsyncd can prove to be extremely useful. What inspired you in developing such a software? What was the
Evaggelos Balaskas: It was really an idea! In high availability two systems can only work as active/passive but not in active/active. But how can we synchronize two (or more) systems to work as active/active? And even though how can we use the both systems in parallel use? The alternative is to use a network block device or a distribution system. Too much trouble, too much operation cost. This is a simple python daemon that runs rsync only when certain inotify events occurred.

FW Editor: Pirsyncd is based on Pyinotify. Is that true? If yes, is there any connection between these two applications?
Evaggelos Balaskas: pyinotify is the library that pirsyncd is based on. pyinotify is a python library that can be used to monitor linux inotify kernel events.

FW Editor: Pirsyncd doesn't require installation. Can Pirsyncd be used as a portable application?
Evaggelos Balaskas: Yes, at the moment i havent setup an installation mechanism cause pirsyncd is an standalone daemon. It can be run from where ever you are and can support multiple instances. In my future plans there would be a lot of changes, like packaging and setup/installation and of course better documentation.

FW Editor: Can you tell us more about the partial rsync functionality?
Evaggelos Balaskas: Based from rsync manual, this selection keeps the partially downloaded files in the target site. This option is useful if the data transfer process gets interrupted by some error of malfunction.

FW Editor: What makes Pirsyncd unique and different from any other similar applications?
Evaggelos Balaskas: I know for fact that there arent a lot of similar applications. There are three or four of them and every project has its own value. Mine is extremely easy to read/use and change. It hasnt any difficult code parts and it is easy to expand (to add a new feature). It is only one python file and has a lot of usage examples and a very good documentation.

FW Editor: Thank you for your time. Pirsyncd truly is a great application and we are looking forward to see its evolution.
Evaggelos Balaskas: Thank you, i am hoping that a lot of people find it useful.

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