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Most Downloaded Software: handyCite
Most Famous Software: handyCite
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Website: http://fks-soft.com/
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An interview with FKS

FW Editor: What inspired you the most in developing handyCite?
FKS: We are a team of researchers who are actively involved in writing manuscripts and grants. We were using other citation softwares for years and were not happy with switching back and forth between windows. After Microsoft added the capability of developing taskpanes, we realized that we can finally develop a very efficient yet comprehensive software. Luckily we had good know-how about software development. It was mainly developed to make us more efficient in our work, but when we realized that it is really helping us more than any other software that we had previously used, we decided to share it with others.

FW Editor: handyCite is, without any doubt, one of the best Microsoft Word add-ons. What is the secret?
FKS: I guess that it is being developed by a team that has a lot of experience of using similar softwares in the past and knew what was needed.

FW Editor: Are you currently working to
FKS: Since we are using handyCite on a daily basis, even without much of external feedback we are constantly finding ideas to improve our efficiency. We actually have an pretty extensive list of ideas in the pipeline.

FW Editor: handyCite received numerous rewards making it one of the best applications of its type. Why is handyCite so appreciated?
FKS: The goal behind this software can be listed in following points, and that will probably explain why it was so appreciated 1. Free, Ad free, without restriction or expiry; 2. stable; 3. speedy; 4. minimum desktop space, 5. visually attractive (constantly being improved); 6. quick access to common things, yet comprehensive; 7. and compatible with existing software

FW Editor: How can you describe handyCite in just a few words? Why?
FKS: It is a very handy yet pretty comprehensive citation software.

FW Editor: What is your favorite handyCite feature and why?
FKS: While I am working on a manuscript all my references are right there nicely stacked and organized and if I need to look-up some reference, I can just click on that reference and open the full text in less than 2 seconds! Love it!

FW Editor: What are your plans for the future with handyCite?
FKS: Make it better and better! and get it recognized as the best software of its type - free or not. (or at least force the competitors to make something more usable !)

FW Editor: Do you have any message or anything to share with handyCite users?
FKS: YES... Please let us know if you feel like you are missing something in the software. We are always eager to improve it !

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