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Most Downloaded Software: Tray Shortcuts
Most Famous Software: Tray Shortcuts
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Website: http://www.gambit-software.com/
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An interview with Valentin Galea

FW Editor: First I would like to thank you for accepting this short interview. Can you tell us a few things about the concept behind Tray Shortcuts?
Valentin Galea: Thank you for considering us! Tray Shortcuts is a day to day productivity application that acts as a launcher of applications and commands. It consists of a simple and fast menu that sits in the Windows notification area.

FW Editor: Why are people using Tray Shortcuts? What brings Tray Shortcuts new?
Valentin Galea: Lots of people can use Tray Shortcuts like power users, system administrators, developers, and anyone who wants to maximize their IT productivity. What Tray Shortcuts offers new is the simplicity and minimalist presentation - just a menu launcher - but with the option to minutely customize it with a dedicated editor.

FW Editor: People are a bit reticent when is about using Windows system tray. Can Tray Shortcuts change the people concept?
Valentin Galea: We believe that new versions of Windows like 7, will change people’s perception of the system tray, thus allowing them to better work with application like Tray Shortcuts. Also our application is simple, streamlined, not resource intensive, so users will find it easier to grasp and use.

FW Editor: What inspired you in developing Tray Shortcuts?
Valentin Galea: Tray Shortcuts began as an internal tool that allowed us to be more organized and productive. Once it reached a mature stage we decided to release it as freeware for everyone. If it helped us, it may as well help others!

FW Editor: We know that Tray Shortcuts is not your first application. Can you tell us a bit more about LCD Car Racing?
Valentin Galea: We are primarily a video games company, and LCD Car Racing is our homage to old video games consoles. It is a remake of a game found in early portable consoles. We integrated the game with Facebook thus making it freely available to millions, allowing players to compete for the highest score with their friends.

FW Editor: It is true that in the future you plan to release several applications for platforms like Windows Phone 7, Bada, MeeGo or Symbian 3?
Valentin Galea: Yes we do intend to develop new applications, and we hope to port them to as many new platforms as possible, supporting both the new comers as well as the established market leaders.

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Tray Shortcuts 2.1
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Tray Shortcuts

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