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  Joubert Vasconcelos
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Most Downloaded Software: RemoteTracker
Most Famous Software: RemoteTracker
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Website: http://remotetracker.sourceforge.net/
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An interview with Joubert Vasconcelos

FW Editor: RemoteTracker comes with Google Earth support. Can you tell us more about this feature?
Joubert Vasconcelos: First of all, I apologize because English is not my mother language and I can make some mistakes. The RemoteTracker uses the Google Earth standards to display the path of the device after the use of command ELT. With Google Earth I didn't need to create an interface to show the path resulting from ELT command. It works like this: the user sends the command ELT. RemoteTracker starts to save every movement of the device for a certain period of time. After that a file with KMZ extension is sent by email and the owner of the device can open it in Google Earth, viewing the entire trip. It is very important to remember that you should not, in any way, personally try to recover a stolen device. That makes no sense. The RemoteTracker should be used to obtain as much information as possible and then this information must be delivered to local police.

FW Editor: RemoteTracker is not the only software of its type. What makes RemoteTracker different? What makes it better than anything else
Joubert Vasconcelos: For me the big difference between RemoteTracker and other similar softwares is the participation of users in the definitions of what is implemented. This software is the result of much discussion in forums and e-mails exchanged. Because of it RemoteTracker is one of the most complete solutions existing in the market for this purpose. I usually say I just wrote the code, but who developed was the users. The software has the basic objective of locating a lost or stolen device through the use of GPS, but not limited to this. There are many possibilities to be explored and there are many different ways to use it. People with little technical knowledge can use basic commands without problems, but also meet the technical and IT enthusiasts with a high degree of knowledge and advanced needs.

FW Editor: Releasing RemoteTracker under a freeware license is an interesting option. Can you tell us why this decision? Do you have any plans to release a
Joubert Vasconcelos: When I started this project I used it to learn how to develop for the Windows Mobile platform and also to learn the programming language C#. So it's fair to offer a free product for people who would help me gain knowledge. This was my payment. In addition I also made many friends around the world which is really gratifying. Of course when I started RemoteTracker was only a few software with basic functionality. I had to spend many hours trying to figure out by myself how to do advanced things and I could charge for it, but I prefer to follow the line of free software. I think that software should be paid only for specific solutions, but for general use the free software model fits better because it attracts more participation and you can improve your product more easily and more people are happy in return. There will never be a paid version for the general public. The RemoteTracker will always be free software. There are paid versions for companies that ask for customization to meet your specific needs, but these versions are not available to the public because they meet specific needs and I need to fulfill contracts.

FW Editor: Maybe one of the most important RemoteTracker's functions is the
Joubert Vasconcelos: This function is designed to help the owner of a device when he/she is in a danger situation. This is the software TopSecret. With an icon of a key, when clicked it asks for a password, but this is fake. After a few seconds no matter what you do the software will send text messages and emails to some defined contacts with his/her condition and the emergency location. You can close the application and the messages continue to be sent each time interval. Only restarting the device can make the messages stop being sent. I think about that a kidnapping may be frustrated, a rescue in case of accident can get faster or you can teach your kid to use the application if needed. It is an additional option that the user can choose how best to use it.

FW Editor: Can RemoteTracker track and control a mobile device which is turned off?
Joubert Vasconcelos: No, only in standby mode.

FW Editor: What happens is someone removes the SIM card from a mobile device? The user can still track that device using RemoteTracker?
Joubert Vasconcelos: RemoteTracker uses SMS to respond to commands, then use the SIM card is required. If fo card is removed, the application will not start. But there is a control on the exchange of SIM cards. If the card is exchanged for another, the owner will be warned about it and know what the new phone number.

FW Editor: Is there any
Joubert Vasconcelos: Não, você pode controlar seu dispositivo de qualquer lugar do mundo, desde que o celular possa receber SMS. Não há limitações.

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