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  Kris Arndt
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Most Downloaded Software: EG Chess - Kris Arndt
Most Famous Software: EG Chess - Kris Arndt
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Website: http://earthgaming.com/
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An interview with Kris Arndt

FW Editor: Hello! Can you please tell us more about yourself? Because I am sure our readers want to know more about the designer and developer of E. G. Chess.
Kris Arndt: I work as an independent computer contractor doing miscellaneous computer stuff. I'm fortunate in that most of my work can be performed remotely. I hope to get enough invitations from people that play E.G. Chess to go on a world tour and play a game of chess with them in person.

FW Editor: How did you decide to develop a chess game? This is not the first and probably not the last chess game on the market.
Kris Arndt: I wrote this chess game because I had some code left over from 10 years ago from a previous chess game. There are not many good 3D chess interfaces so I thought that this would fill a niche.

FW Editor: Why should people buy E. G. Chess and not some other game of its kind? How is this game better than the others?
Kris Arndt: As far as 3D chess games go, I think this game has a better interface than any other on the market. It feels natural rotating the board and it is somewhat mesmerizing. It is like popping bubble wrap. I can sit there, for periods on end, just spinning the board round and round. This game is also loaded with many features that are not combined in any other chess game. It has Apple Game Center support (multiplayer, leader boards, voice chat and achievements), online play (via Bluetooth or Internet), PGN loading, 3D pieces, 2D pieces and lots more!

FW Editor: Not many games have such a high portability. How have you decided to make this game available on both PC and Macs? Also on devices with iOS and Android?
Kris Arndt: Since I started programming, I have been trying to determine the best way to make games available on as many platforms as possible. I don't use one operating system exclusively so it was important to make this game available for multiple platforms. It is nice to know that a user is not restricted in playing a friend or family member due to the device that they are using. For instance, if your friend doesn't haven't an iOS device then they can use the Mac version and you can still play against each other.

FW Editor: Can you please tell us more about how the FIDE ratings work?
Kris Arndt: The FIDE rating system is important when playing other players of different ability. If you are a beginner and you lose against an expert player then your rating will not go down a lot. The same is true in reverse. If you are an expert then beating beginner players is not going to improve your rating. FIDE ratings level the playing field and quickly assigns you to your appropriate level. So if my FIDE rating is 1200 and I beat a player rated as 1800 then I would receive 24.5 points and my opponent would lose 24.5 points. If I lost then I would only lose 0.5 points and my opponent would only gain 0.5 points. You increase your points by winning games against equal or better players.

FW Editor: How can you play an online game if the opponent is not at the computer or even online?
Kris Arndt: The game is saved on the server so you or your opponent can make at move at their leisure. This is great for games where you do not have time to play in one sitting. Conversely, you can also play a game in one sitting if both players are online and have the time. The majority of the games online are played instantly.

FW Editor: What other games have you developed? Are you constantly updating them? Any new plans that you want to share with us?
Kris Arndt: I have a few games that are no longer in the app store and a couple in development. Some of these games are still early in development, but the next game to be released will be called Sir Bombalot (name is still pending). It is a chess variant that will have more 3D effects and animations. The game is almost impossible to play in real life so it is perfect for a computer board game. It should be released soon.

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EG Chess 1.0.16
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EG Chess - Kris Arndt

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