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Most Downloaded Software: Kahlown
Most Famous Software: Kahlown
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An interview with Omair Ahmad

FW Editor: What can you tell us about Kahlown's compatibility? For now it supports only Windows platforms. Do you plan to release a Linux or Mac OS version too?
Omair Ahmad: We haven't planned it yet, but we may think about it in near future.

FW Editor: Kahlown saves the recordings into compressed .avi files. How can a user view these files? Any special codes are required?
Omair Ahmad: User have the option to select the codec of his choice to compress the AVI file. User must install the codec if it is not already installed. Kahlown supports following codecs. * Microsoft Video 1 * Cinepak Codec by Radius * Windows Media Video 9 (VCM) codec. * Xvid Codec * Windows Media Encoder 9.

FW Editor: What makes Kahlown different from any other similar applications? Why would you recommend Kahlown?
Omair Ahmad: Kahlown provides an array of screen capturing, recording, and spying features for a fraction of price as compared to other similar applications.

FW Editor: Can you tell us more about Kahlown usability? Who can use Kahlown and for what purposes?
Omair Ahmad: Kahlown can address needs of different people. Kahlown can help those who want to 1) Save computer screen into images 2) Save online transaction receipts in image format. 3) Save complete web page/articles into bitmap files. 4) Create video tutorials and demonstrations videos. 5) Create training videos. 6) Monitor children while they using computer. 7) Track kids online activity 8) See what others do on your computer while you are away.

FW Editor: It is possible to record sound with Kahlown? If yes, how can you do that?
Omair Ahmad: Yes Kahlown can save sound along with the video. In AVI format it can record audio only from Microphone but in WMV it record audio from Audio Device. Just check the Record Audio check box on the Kahlown screen.

FW Editor: Kahlown contains 3 major features: Screen capturing, Screen recording and Screen monitoring. What are the advantages of purchasing all these features?
Omair Ahmad: Screen capture saves still images into BMP files so you can save computer screen and web pages for your later use. Screen Recording creates video files, this option is great for creating demonstration and explanatory videos. Screen monitoring is a great feature for parents who want to keep an eye on their children while they are using computer.

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