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  Marcelo Origoni
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Founded: 2008

Most Downloaded Software: Element.unselectable
Most Famous Software: Element.unselectable
Total Software Listed: 6
Website: http://marcelo.origoni.com.ar
December Downloads:0

An interview with Marcelo Origoni

FW Editor: What are your plans or objectives in the near future?
Marcelo Origoni: Well, I have some personal project, that are quite big, and are still under development, one of them being acemasters(http://www.acemasters.org/) while the other it's a web based Time and attendance/Access Control solution for companies. In the todo list, I have also some other mootools plugins/classes, 1 it's an slider, which has no code name, and it's 70% ready, the other it's a date time picker, which it's still just an idea.

FW Editor: How and when did you start writing the code for 'mooltiselect'?
Marcelo Origoni: I started coding mooltiSelect around march 2010, first it was something I do in my office, to cover some needs I had. After a couple of months, I decided to extend the class, and offer it under the MIT license

FW Editor: What inspired you the most in creating 'mooltiselect'?
Marcelo Origoni: I had the need to allow users to select multiple options and sort them, I tried first with and classic select tag, with multiselect enable, but didn't allow me to sort them. Then I needed to change the color of a selected item, and css didn't allow me to do it.

FW Editor: Which is the strongest 'mooltiselect' feature? How about your favorite feature?
Marcelo Origoni: hmmm, the stongest feature, I guess it's the option to set a maximum selectable options and display a custom error once it's reached. The one I like the most, it's the sorting feature

FW Editor: How can you describe 'mooltiselect' in one single word? Why?
Marcelo Origoni: multiselect, I think it resumes everything.

FW Editor: Do you plan to improve or change 'mooltiselect' in any way? If yes, how are you going to do that?
Marcelo Origoni: not in the short term, I think the version 1.3 has all the needed features, I don't want to create and all-in-one class, just a lightweight class it's fine.

FW Editor: What are the main advantages of using 'mooltiselect' over any other similar product?
Marcelo Origoni: The sortable feature, before coding the class myself, I looked in the internet, and I didn't find anything like that. I think it's a great feature.

FW Editor: Do you have any message for 'mooltiselect' users?
Marcelo Origoni: indeed I did, when I released the v1.2, the class didn't allow "drag-n-select", so you needed to click on every item, in order to selected. Then this guy, whom I don't know the name to the date, came with a "what if you add the drag-n-select, just like a normal multiselect combo", and I did it, I think that was like a cherry for my sundae

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