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Most Famous Software: LoginCode
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An interview with Konrad Wyroba

FW Editor: Hi, can you please tell us more about yourself? Because I'm sure our readers want to know more about the designer and developer of this amazing program called LogicCode.
Konrad Wyroba: Hi, my name is Konrad Wyroba. I am software developer who has found a great passion in development of software with the use of C++ language. When I was 19, I completed my education and started looking for a job. Unfortunately, it was really hard to find an interesting opportunity with my education (I obtained my degree in electronics). So in the meantime, I started to learn how to write programs for PC's. My first applications were working in DOS environment only, but immediately I found writing software very exciting. I felt I have found something, I could do for the rest of my life. After one year of such self education, I was ready to look for a job as a software developer and fortunately I have found my first job in just few months. This completely changed my life. I could systematically expand my knowledge and make a living doing what I love to do. Now, after 15 years I can say that starting to learn software development was a really great choice.

FW Editor: How did you decide to develop such a program? What motivated you during the development of this program?
Konrad Wyroba: When era of Internet began, I started visiting websites popular in Poland but occasionally I had to register an account to be able to use some www service. In those times I always used a single password and I never bothered what would happen if somebody could capture my password. This changed when I opened my bank account with Internet access. For this occasion, I have quickly developed a simple application which displayed several questions to the user. Those questions were related personally to me and I was absolutely sure that only I can give correct answers. In the final step, my application was calculating a special checksum from the data typed by me. The checksum was the password to my account. I thought then it is probably a best security system since no one (including me) knows the correct password, I only knew a method to discover it. This changed however when I opened a second bank account. I would have to write similar application with different questions and then I understood it is not a correct way. I realized that my application should be able to store as many passwords as I need and they should be saved in encrypted form.

FW Editor: The program is very easy to install and to run. Did you think at all of those that are not really experienced with computers?
Konrad Wyroba: Absolutely. I've made many efforts to make the LoginCode as simple to use as possible. This also means that LoginCode will never be a complex program with many features. Such programs give the users a great convenience from the perspective of manufacturer but it often turns out, they are overloaded with features and make a begining user completely lost in the jungle of available options.

FW Editor: This program is currently a freeware. If it will get a huge success are you planning on charging for a professional version?
Konrad Wyroba: I would lie if I'd say that I don't think about a paid version of software. Currently, I am thinking about additional payed features. Unfortunately, I can't say anything more this time.

FW Editor: Can you tell us more about what encryption does this program is using? Where is the password database kept?
Konrad Wyroba: LoginCode utilizes cryptography methods provided with operating system, it doesn't implement cryptography itself. Current version of LoginCode uses symmetric encryption algorithm (in nowadays, most secure is AES). Such algorithms need a key to perform their work. This key is generated with the use of hashing algorithm (for example SHA) and user's password. Both algorithms can be freely chosen when the user is creating its database. The database file is located in 'My documents' folder but it can be changed while user is creating database.

FW Editor: Is this the first software you have developed? Can you please elaborate on your work?
Konrad Wyroba: This is a first software which I've made myself and published in Internet. Initially, I just wanted to write a program for my personal use. The idea to publish it came later. Once a time ago I read an article which highlighted that great part of Internet users is accustomed to use a single password for various websites which in addition is usually very weak to break as it is some word, a name or number. I just thought it would be great to give those users a software which expects from them exactly what they are accustomed to, it expects a single password. From developer's point of view, LoginCode is small sized project (currently source codes take around 1.5MB) written completely in native C++ (it doesn't use .NET) with the use of Microsoft Visual Studio. Thanks to the language specifics, the program is relatively fast and consumes really small amount of system resources. The whole software is divided into several projects. The example of such separation is CredReader application which is installed in main LoginCode's folder. That application (as name suggests) reads user credentials (username/password pairs) from most popular browsers (currently IE and FireFox). It is launched by LoginCode to import user's private data into its database. I invite all interested readers to visit where I described in details most interesting and challenging parts of the software.

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