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Minus motto:
Share simply.

Publisher Description

Sharing is universal. Minus was created to make sharing pictures, documents, music, videos and files fast, easy, and fun. Minus lets you drag files from your desktop and folders directly to your browser to start sharing.
Founded: 2010

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Total Software Listed: 5
Website: http://min.us/
Services: file sharing; software development;
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An interview with John Xie

FW Editor: First of all, let me congratulate you about a very nice program. Is this the first program you have developed?
John Xie: Yes, this is the first program for Minus.

FW Editor: You are one of the few that created a program that works on every major operating system out there. Why did you choose to be different? Was it hard to make this program so portable?
John Xie: It was definitely challenging but we feel it is very important in today's age to have compatibility on multiple operating systems and platforms not to mention many users have computers running different OSes.

FW Editor: Is there a limit of uploads on Minus? How many files can we upload onto Minus at a time? Is there a limit for large files?
John Xie: There is no limit to how much you can upload on Minus. However right now there is a limit of 10mb per file.

FW Editor: Do you have only one server or multiple ones? What is the maximum speed we can get from Minus servers while downloading or uploading?
John Xie: Minus is fully deployed in the cloud. We're using the latest cloud computing technologies and cloud storage from Amazon's EC2 and S3.

FW Editor: I can see that you are developing this application for mobiles too. How does that work?
John Xie: We already have a basic Android mobile application available. We're still working on updating it and releasing additionally an iOS application. It will work also very simply and fast.

FW Editor: For how much time are our files stored onto Minus website? Let's say I want to backup my files using Minus. How much time can I keep those files there before they are deleted?
John Xie: All files are stored on Minus indefinitely.

FW Editor: Do you want to tell us something more about Minus? Or about some other programs you have created?
John Xie: Our goal is to simplify online sharing, and to create a universal sharing platform, called Minus. We hope everyone can give it a try and help us share Minus with their friends and family.

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Minus 1.0
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Minus Desktop 1.6.1
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Minus - Minus 1.0
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Minus for Firefox 1.7.99
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Minus for Google Chrome 1.25
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