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  Miroslav Rajcic
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Most Downloaded Software: Atol
Most Famous Software: Atol
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Website: http://notecase.sourceforge.net/
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An interview with Miroslav Rajčić

FW Editor: What are your plans or objectives in the near future?
Miroslav Rajčić: I am now in the process of finishing the implementation of the major feature: audio notes. This will add new dimension of taking the notes, for example enabling students to record the class in audio, while typing the text notes at the same time.

FW Editor: How and when did you start writing the code for NoteCase? What inspired you the most? Do you plan to develop new software, or are you more focused on optimizing the current ones?
Miroslav Rajčić: I needed something like this program for myself. I used Notecenter program to store my personal notes and the knowledge base and I got excited about the concept. Later I started experimenting on writing something like by myself and learning cross-platform programming and GTK at the same time. Current software development is taking all of my free time, so my other ideas are put on hold (mostly AI and chatbot related).

FW Editor: NoteCase is one of the best outliners from the market. What is the secret?
Miroslav Rajčić: The big advantage is that it is portable to a large number of platforms. Additionally, it uses simple, intuitive interface and tries not to get into your way. Major ideas are speed and simplicity. And I am always interested in user's ideas, trying to incorporate the best of them into the program. My development nowadays is largely user-driven.

FW Editor: What are the main differences between NoteCase Free and NoteCase Pro?
Miroslav Rajčić: Notecase Pro is an evolved version of the open source version. It can load multiple documents at the same time, adds spellchecker support, tagging, advanced search and new document formats based on database to remove document size limits. Other major features includes Lua scripting integration to enable user to create new features for himself. Pro version also supports import for many major document formats. This is just a part of the overall list of improvements.

FW Editor: NoteCase Free is lacking an extremely important feature: spellchecker. Are you planning to implement it in the future?
Miroslav Rajčić: No, I stopped working on a free version for good, since two years ago. I don't have the time to work on many projects anymore.

FW Editor: What are the advantages of using NoteCase over any other similar product?
Miroslav Rajčić: Notecase has installation packages created for many different platforms and Linux distributions. You just need to install them. Many other projects require compilation from source code or some other complicated action for you to try it. Additionally, I make sure to give good support for Notecase, anyone can send me a mail and ask for help or suggest features. Even it is a closed source project, I try to maintain openness in the project, you can find users discussing design or some issues in the project's Google group.

FW Editor: How can you describe NoteCase in one single word? Why?
Miroslav Rajčić: Indispensable. Today with the information overload being present in the lives of all of us, you need to have a place to keep the valuable information in the digital form to make it accessible, searchable and organized. Combination of hierarchical organization of the notes and tagging will make your information usable.

FW Editor: Do you have any favorite feature in NoteCase?
Miroslav Rajčić: My favorite feature might be List Pane View. It enables you to display a custom list of notes, usually as a result of a search within a document.

FW Editor: Do you have any message for NoteCase users?
Miroslav Rajčić: I am always interested in your ideas (even though that not all of them might get implemented). Feel free to contact me.

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Atol 0.7.3
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NoteCase Pro 3.3.0
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NoteCase 1.9.8
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