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Most Downloaded Software: Family Expenses Control
Most Famous Software: Family Expenses Control
Total Software Listed: 1
Website: http://www.nanosoftdesign.com
Services: windows application; CGI tutorials;
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An interview with Dusko Zigic

FW Editor: Hi, please tell us more about NanoSoftDesign. How many people do you work there and when did you start programming stuff?
Dusko Zigic: Nanosoftdesign was founded by a group of young people who tried to find their place in a huge software market. About dozen young people of different profiles participated in the first commercial project Family Expenses Control Program. They have supported our idea and wanted to contribute to the FEC program and make it accessible to every man. Nanosoftdesign team is already working on some additional segments of FEC program. Part of the team is working on some new projects not strictly related to programming but a 3D design and projects related to CGI. We invite all young people who are interested in this and would like to join us to contact us for any kind of cooperation.

FW Editor: How did you come up with the idea for Family Expense Control? How much time have you spent developing this program?
Dusko Zigic: The idea of creating such a program came from interviews and analysis of people's behaviour, but we started it for ourselves. Then we upgraded the version we made for us and decided to offer it to all the people in hope that it will help them as it helped us gain control over our expenditure. Working on this program took a little longer since there were other projects and obligations we had to fulfill.

FW Editor: Users are able to choose to try the program before they buy it. Can you tell us the differences between the trial version and the full program?
Dusko Zigic: The difference between trial and full version is that in trial version some options are limited or excluded, however it is fully functional. Therefore you can try out all options of FEC program and figure out how useful it is. The trial version has only one account that is already in the program but the option of adding a new category is excluded. Trial version time is limited to 30 days since we believe this time is long enough you could realize all the advantages of FEC program and decide to purchase a license.

FW Editor: Can you tell us something about how this application really works? How is it able to organize our finances so well?
Dusko Zigic: We have to mention that this program does not deal with the planning of expenditure (budget), but the evidence of costs - when, where and how they occur. Help of this program lies in the fact that after a while you will have a database and analyzing it you will realize which costs you should pay attention to and on which items you could save certain amount of money even though you are not aware of that. You just have to keep as detailed record as possible an enter data into the database so you can use it for specific analysis.

FW Editor: Are you constantly updating this program or you are happy the way it is right now?
Dusko Zigic: We will keep on working on improving the FEC program and adding some new segments that will be of great benefit to our users. Some of the planned additions are already being created and they will relate to a healthier diet calorie intake and consumption and thus improve the health of people.

FW Editor: Why have you decided to donate a part of your profit to an organization that handles world hunger? Not many developers do that thing
Dusko Zigic: Every day people throw away huge amounts of incresingly expensive food though there is no real need for that. On the other hand, lots of people starve and die of hunger. Donating 3% of the profit of FEC program sale to charity organization which aims to reduce hunger in the world we want to awaken feelings of humanity in other firms and individuals. 3% will not be great loss for us nor great donation but if everyone would do something like that things would surely be different. We want you to remember these words when you throw away food next time. If only 3% of the world's thrown food would be given to those who need it lots of children and people would stay alive.

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Family Expenses Control 1.1
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