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Most Downloaded Software: Unrar Extract and Recover
Most Famous Software: Unrar Extract and Recover
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Website: http://sourceforge.net/users/nikosv/
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An interview with Nikos Vaggalis

FW Editor: Unrar Extract and Recover surely is a useful application. What was the idea behind Unrar Extract and Recover?
Nikos Vaggalis: I was always finding the operation of choosing a compressed file or files by left clicking on them (and while at it being careful not to choose two or more files of the same multipart volume because the same extraction would be done multiple times!), then right clicking to extract the contents, choosing an extraction directory, and then having to provide a password if it was password protected, at least cumbersome. I thought that there could be an easier way where the UI won’t get into your way and won't waste so much time. Nowadays, while time being a commodity and compression becoming an integral part of everybody’s computing life, the need for automating repetitive tasks is more pressing than ever. Thus UE&R was born to help with the repetitive operation of extracting .rar files and save valuable time, simultaneously. I also am a fan of 'the keep it simple' principle and that is the reason that I gave the application 'fire and forget' functionality. Place your files together, choose an input and output directory and just click ‘Go’. Of course this basic functionality is coupled with other convenience options such as to ‘Delete extracted files’ or ‘Map directory to archive name’. Users need to do their job quickly and easily

FW Editor: It is possible to extract encrypted WinRar archives using Unrar Extract and Recover?
Nikos Vaggalis: Yes it is but only if you provide the correct password. UE&R cannot guess the password required since it has no brute force functionality. Personally I think that the time the brute force technique takes to break a password renders the effort unworthy. I prefer using a dictionary, despite its limitations of course

FW Editor: Is there any limit of how many WinRar archives can Unrar Extract and Recover manage at once?
Nikos Vaggalis: The stress tests of the application that I've made don't show a limitation; also I have not gotten any feedback from users that report breaking a threshold barrier

FW Editor: This new Unrar Extract and Recover version comes with an improved interface. Can you tell us more about the extra functionalities you have added?
Nikos Vaggalis: The functionality remained the same while there was some revamping on the GUI's appearance to look more attractive and closer to HCI principles. Behind the scenes there were few minor bug fixes and code refactoring to improve and optimize performance

FW Editor: Why are you recommending Unrar Extract and Recover for common computer users?
Nikos Vaggalis: If you are dealing with .rar files and want to save quite some time and resources when extracting them (especially when the files require passwords and you can't remember or you do not want to remember them) just feed it a dictionary with your passwords and forget about it. Also, when you have password protected your files and can’t remember the correct password, you can retrieve it by using the same method.

FW Editor: It is possible to extract damaged or incomplete WinRar archives with Unrar Extract and Recover?
Nikos Vaggalis: No but it will log the file and the related error description into a log file called 'failed_extracting.txt' so the user can be informed on which file failed and why it failed. That is another reason to use UE&R; to batch verify your files

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Unrar Extract and Recover

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