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Panasoft motto:
New generation of graphic tools

Publisher Description

Panasoft is Ukraine based software development firm that uses results of long-term researches in the field of Graphics and CAD.

The firm has developed some programs one of which is the graphic editor Images Generator. The new ideas, used in this program, have provided unique opportunities for editing and creation images.

Firm Panasoft consist of two persons. Head of firm Sergey Panasyuk began the career in military research laboratories of former Soviet Union. He is the author of the large amount of scientific works and inventions the most of which relate to electronics. He has written some experimental programs on Fortran in which his routing algorithm was used. After modern computers have received a wide distribution he has registered as the private businessman and organized firm as informal development venture with the purpose of use of his scientific developments.

Originally the firm was engaged in development of tourist web sites. After some capital was formed firm reoriented on development of the graphic editor Images Generator.
Founded: 1998

Most Downloaded Software: Images Generator
Most Famous Software: Images Generator
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Website: http://www.regnow.com/softsell/visitor.cgi?affiliate=73982&action=site&vendor=27508
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An interview with Sergey Panasyuk

FW Editor: What are your plans or objectives in the near future?
Sergey Panasyuk: My plans depend on that, whether I shall find partners for further developments. I would like to develop the graphic editor for mobile devices and for Web and to add some improvements to the Images Generator. The main improvement consists in giving to the graphic editor properties of programs of automatic designing, for example, of the program of designing of printed-circuit-boards and of the program of construction of directed graphs. The methods, used in the Images Generator, can be used in small programs, such, as banner maker, logo maker and others. In farther prospect, as it seems to me, time for creation of the graphic editor of new generation, in which properties of vector and raster graphic editors would combine, has come.

FW Editor: How and when did you start writing the code for Image Generator? What inspired you the most in creating Image Generator?
Sergey Panasyuk: As far in Soviet Union I developed a method of automatic routing, which can be used for designing of printed-circuit-boards. At that time it was the relevant scientific theme. On this theme I have published articles, but to realize in practice this method I could not. Occurrence of modern computers has enabled to make it. Moving step by step from one idea up to another unexpectedly bring to creation of the quite good graphic editor having a number of new properties.

FW Editor: Do you plan to improve or change Image Generator in any way? If yes, how are you going to do that?
Sergey Panasyuk: In the next version it is planned to expand opportunities of the tool of transformation of rasters, to improve GUI of program, to add some methods of blending of colors at realization of lines by the mouse and to improve fill tool. It would be desirable to apply plugins.

FW Editor: Image Generator has quite a strong competition. What makes Images Generator better than similar products?
Sergey Panasyuk: The graphic editor allows creating such images, which are difficult for creation with the help of other means, for example, three-dimensional images. In the opportunities program is comparable with the most powerful graphic editors, and on the sizes and convenience of using it is comparable with programs of an initial level such, as MS Paint. It quickly can be studied, and with its help it is possible to create images, which take prize-winning places at art exhibitions. It does its preferable for users of initial and an average level and good addition for professionals.

FW Editor: What is your favorite Image Generator feature?
Sergey Panasyuk: The main distinctive feature is the set of new methods for creation and editing of images. Methods of transformation of raster, methods of creation of 2D and 3D images, methods of obtaining of shapes and curves of complex configuration and others concern to them.

FW Editor: What is the difference between the trial and the full version of Image Generator?
Sergey Panasyuk: The full version differs from trial version that, that there are no the popup windows appearing at opening of files and at copying.

FW Editor: Is there any customer support service for Image Generator users?
Sergey Panasyuk: Work at improvement of the help documentation is conducted continuous. Video clips, assisting to study the program for short time, are released recently. This work will continue. Using the e-mail address, which is specified in program help, you can to make a request on any information at any time.

FW Editor: Now, to end our small interview, is there any message you would like to send to Image Generator users?
Sergey Panasyuk: Some users disregard program in view of its small sizes. In reality it is not lack, but advantage of the program. Many of those, who have spent some time for it’s studying, forgot about existence of other programs. The program is not the completed product and will be developed for long time. If you will direct to us your offers or remarks we shall be grateful to you and we shall try to react of them. With the offers, remarks and questions you can address to the E-mail: p739@stel.sebastopol.ua

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