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  Pierre Blanc
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Most Downloaded Software: JSiteMap
Most Famous Software: JSiteMap
Total Software Listed: 1
Website: http://teutoburgo.web44.net/indexEnJS.html
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An interview with Pierre Blanc

FW Editor: Hi there and thank you for accepting this interview. Let's start by telling us a few things about yourself. What was your first developed application; from where this passion for internet and websites?
Pierre Blanc: I started developing software as a kid in 1988, on an old 8088 (the first of the x86 series); by the way, you can still download my first MS-DOS game from my website! However my passion for internet exploded fully only in 2001, year in which I published my first website.

FW Editor: Jsitemap is not your only application. Can you tell us a few things about JaVi as well?
Pierre Blanc: JaVi is an educational applet useful to demonstrate the Vigenere's algorithm for cryptography.

FW Editor: What makes Jsitemap so special? Why it is different from any other website generator?
Pierre Blanc: JSiteMap is special because using it you can generate a tree sitemap (dHTML, d stands for dynamic) for your website. The process is automated.

FW Editor: Can you tell us more about the configuration options available in Jsitemap? It is true that Jsitemap can adapt for each user needs?
Pierre Blanc: JSiteMap works either as an applet or as an application. The second is the best choice, as you can configure graphically many options, like colors, size, fonts, background, even if you want your sitemap to emulate Windows Explorer

FW Editor: What is the difference between a simple HTML map and a dynamic HTML map?
Pierre Blanc: In a simple HTML map you see all the map immediately, but if you have a large website this might be confusing.. the dynamic HTML map allows you to explore the map simply clicking on it, on every tree-node associated to an URL of your website

FW Editor: What are your plans for the future?
Pierre Blanc: Now I'm taking a little break, as my first daughter has born! But check my site in the future, there might be some news! :)

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