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  Priya Jaipal
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Most Downloaded Software: Be Organised
Most Famous Software: Be Organised
Total Software Listed: 5
Website: http://www.priyajaipal.com/
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An interview with Priya

FW Editor: Hi, please tell us some info about yourself. How old are you, when did you discover your passion for developing programs and when did you start working as a programmer?
Priya: Started out in school, started working in 1996, enjoy creating applications, many of the applications created were done for personal use and then decided to market them. I also do customised software development.

FW Editor: How have you decide to build My Bulk Emailer? How long have you worked for this program?
Priya: I do a Health and nutrition newsletter called Health-e-news and needed an application to use for emailing. Therefore created My Bulk Emailer for this. It took 2/3 weeks.

FW Editor: This is not the first or only program of its kind on the market. Why should people use My Bulk Emailer and not other similar programs?
Priya: It is very simple and easy to use. It is a once off payment so after you have it there is no worry about costs per emails or campaigns etc. it is ideal for keeping customers informed of specials, promotions, and for sending out newsletters and invites etc.

FW Editor: How is this program able to maintain data by flagging as invalid or unsubscribe? How does that work?
Priya: When an address is invalid or a person unsubscribes, you don't really want to delete the address from the database, by flagging as invalid, you not wasting time and bandwidth emailing this address again, same with unsubscribes. There is a facility where you can download email from your POP server and immediately flag as invalid if according to the criteria set in the program idenitifes the email as containing an invalid address.

FW Editor: A detailed history of email sent to each address can be kept. How long can we keep that history? If we use this program for 10 years, it will have a 10 year history?
Priya: Yes - you can also include other notes as well.

FW Editor: Is this the first program you have developed? Please tell us something else about your work. What other programs have you developed? Any interesting ideas for the future that you want to share with us?
Priya: No it is not the first, I have done many customised business applications as well as Benutriwise - a nutrition and health tracking application, Be Organised - a task scheduling application combined with a contact manager and url organiser. I have other apps that I am currently working on, one of which being money management software.

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Be Organised 2.4
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My Bulk Emailer 2.4.5
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Email Extractor - Priya Jaipal 1.1
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Benutriwise 6.2
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My E-Files 1
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Be Organised

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