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Most Downloaded Software: Thank You Counter Button
Most Famous Software: Thank You Counter Button
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Website: http://www.shinephp.com
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An interview with Vladimir

FW Editor: Can you tell us a few things about ShinePHP; from where this huge passion for PHP and WordPress programming?
Vladimir: ShinePHP is a mean to share with community my experience in Web development field. I try to write posts about things that interesting to me, things, for which I spent some time to investigate, things which I use myself in my work, at my blog. I like PHP and WordPress for its power, mightiness, flexibility and ease of use. I look at the Web applications development as a hobby, not an ordinal, routine job.

FW Editor: Unlike many other publishers, you have decided to release your products as freeware (donation based). Why this decision?
Vladimir: I use a lot of freeware software products myself, starting from brilliant Ubuntu OS at my desktop and finishing some less known but very useful small utilities or scripts for Web. I like the spirit of open source and freeware software ideas. So, publishing my plugins as freeware is a way to return at least a small part back to community.

FW Editor: What customization options are available in Thank You Counter Button?
Vladimir: Thank You Counter Button is developed as fully customizable widget. You can change almost anything there, select button image you like from the image set included or use your own image, change button text, manage its appearance via custom CSS code and see what will you get immediately at the same plugin's Settings page. Other options allows to manage where to show 'thanks' button, limit or not clicks from one IP-address. There are a set of statistics reports about 'thanks' button clicks available. Visit plugin page at shinephp.com for more details :).

FW Editor: How can Thank You Counter Button identify an IP address and stop a user to vote more than once from the same IP address? What about those virtual IP addresses? Can those be identified as well?
Vladimir: Use the special option for that at the TYCB plugin's Settings page. You can limit every IP by one click only forever or on the period of time only. This way your 'thanks' button statistics will be real. TYCB tries to resolve virtual IP address if such information presense in the HTTP request. If not it check that IP (your proxy) that it could define.

FW Editor: Are you accepting users' feedback regarding Thank You Counter Button? If yes, how can someone give you his feedback?
Vladimir: Yes, I appreciate users feedback regarding their Thank You Counter Button experience. There are several ways to send me your words: use comments form at the TYCB plugin page at shinephp.com, use TYCB special forum thread at the same site, use site contact form if you don't wish to show your information to other visitors for some reason. I try to answer to every question and help to resolve a problem if I can do that.

FW Editor: For which type of websites would you recommend Thank You Counter Button?
Vladimir: Thank You Counter Button WordPress plugin is recommended to any WordPress website if you wish to see how visitors estimate your posts, what post is more popular, from what countries your visitors are. Some visitors don't wish spend time writing comments. 'thanks' button click is much faster, so TYCB plugin help us to get feedback from such kind of visitors too. I use it myself at shinephp.com, just visit and check how it works.

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Thank You Counter Button

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