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SoftForYou motto:
Secure, Strong, Reliable Web Filtering and Monitoring Services

Publisher Description

Internet filtering solutions for parents, schools, businesses and libraries.

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An interview with SoftForYou.com

FW Editor: What are your plans or objectives in the near future?
SoftForYou.com: We have many plans, one such plan is to implement a new interface for CyberSieve. Also, there are a few new features that we are working on implementing with this program.

FW Editor: How and when did you start writing the code for CyberSieve? What inspired you the most? Do you plan to develop new software, or are you more focused on optimizing the current ones?
SoftForYou.com: We started this around December of 2005. What inspired us the most, is the need for reliable software such as this. We have other software available however we are focused on them all equally.

FW Editor: CyberSieve is one of the best internet filters from the market. What is the secret?
SoftForYou.com: The secret? A good system of discounts to promote MLP(multiple license pack) the more you buy, the cheaper it gets... http://www.softforyou.com/cs-pricing.html CyberSieve has flexible settings and Special Web Sites and Special Programs Lists with its' own Timetables and Time Limits.

FW Editor: Why is CyberSieve different from a common firewall program?
SoftForYou.com: A firewall blocks malicious network activity and bogus information, while CyberSieve monitors individual computers for internet activity that is not allowed based on the filtering settings for the individual user or group of users. Therefore while firewalls help protect from viruses and the likes, CyberSieve blocks certain content from being available and restricts activity to a narrower list of actions. It can set restrictions on more than just surfing the internet, it can control instant messaging programs and block or partially block a variety of other internet application.

FW Editor: Why would you recommend CyberSieve? What makes it so special?
SoftForYou.com: If you want to control what your children can see on the internet, or what they can do, or who they can talk to, or how long the computer is available for internet use. If you want to stop employees from doing things that could be considered unproductive work procedures. If you would like to monitor and receive messages or logs of the user, or group of users infringements of the rules of filtering that you have set. CyberSieve is more than just a web filter, it helps regulate what and when you can use the computer for certain internet activities. It is very customizable.

FW Editor: How can you describe CyberSieve in one single word? Why?
SoftForYou.com: Security. To expand on that one word, I would say three. Security, Responsibility, Reliability. Why? Because it is.

FW Editor: CyberSieve comes with a huge websites database. It is possible to update this database with new websites that I find inappropriate?
SoftForYou.com: Yes you can add or subtract to the database as you see fit. It is possible for multiple computers to be regulated from one computer through the network version of CS.

FW Editor: Now, to end our small interview, is there any message you would like to send to CyberSieve users?
SoftForYou.com: If you want to try us out please do...go here for a trial: http://www.softforyou.com/cs-download.php This program is one of the most powerful and most frequently updated programs like it...and make no mistake, there are no other programs quite like CS.

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