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Most Downloaded Software: My ICE Plan
Most Famous Software: My ICE Plan
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Website: http://www.myiceplan.com/
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An interview with Pat Aquino

FW Editor: Hello! Please tell us some info about yourself because I'm sure our readers want to meet the creator of My Ice Plan.
Pat Aquino: Trier® Software, Inc. was established and incorporated in August 1997. Trier Software started as software development company dedicated to creating software to help individuals learn the Microsoft® Back Office Products in preparation for passing Microsoft Exams. Trier Software, Inc. develops custom solution software for other businesses, (e.g. transportation, insurance, schools, military, retail stores. Trier Software Inc also develops "promotional branded software". In late 1997, Trier also began providing network and information technology consulting services to a variety of organizations. Trier's satisfied customers include Intergraph Corporation, the US Navy, TekSystems, Evolving Resources Inc. and Science Applications International Corporation to mention a few. Our Name, in case you are wondering what the word Trier means, is a derivative of the word 'try', or, one who tries something. Trier seemed an appropriate name for a company that provides a product that is used by people who are trying (often more then once) to pass the Microsoft exams. The name Trier is still appropriate as we continue to try and be the best at what we do. Our Mission is to provide the best possible services and products to our customers at the lowest possible cost. We believe that exceptional service is the sum of many little things done well. It is this believe that will enable us achieve our mission. To develop user-friendly and cost-effective products that will help people and businesses to be more productive, learn and grow.

FW Editor: What can you tell us about this program? How did you decide to develop such an application?
Pat Aquino: There are many home inventory programs on the market but many were missing features of one sort or another that we felt should be included, especially family disaster planning. We created My I.C.E. Plan to fill that void. My I.C.E. Plan has more features than other home inventory software programs. The inventory section is very detailed and very user friendly. My I.C.E. Plan includes family emergency planning. Not only can you create a Plan A and Plan B and print wallet cards with medical data and plan details, but, you can also pre-arrange funeral arrangements as well as track financial items using the Letter of Instructions section. A letter of instructions is an informal document that benefits both you and your survivors by providing specific, detailed information necessary for making your funeral arrangements and settling your affairs according to your wishes. It is a supplement document to your will. A letter can be created for each family member as well as track their individual financial items such as credit cards, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, life insurance policies and other items.

FW Editor: This program is available in a standard version and in a professional one. Can you tell us the differences between the versions?
Pat Aquino: There are two versions the Standard and the Professional version. Both versions include the same features. The only difference is that the Standard versions allows three property address to inventory and the Professional version allows ten property addresses.

FW Editor: Can you please tell us more about the Image Viewer? How were you able to make it so nice?
Pat Aquino: The image view is a customized version of BS Picture Viewer created by Miguel Berroa. The full version can be obtained from http://www.bspicture.hostzi.com.

FW Editor: Can you tell us how the import / export function works? Where can we export and from where can we import files?
Pat Aquino: My I.C.E. Plan can import and export to CSV (comma delimited files) and XLS (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) file formats. You can start the Import or Export process from the main menu. You can import or export all of your inventory data as well as most other data. It is very simple to use. The import feature creates a backup of your data prior to importing so you can reverse the process if needed. Or online help file explains how to import and export. You can also import Microsoft Outlook contacts.

FW Editor: Can you tell us something more about your work? Is this the first program you have developed? Any ideas for new programs that you want to share with us?
Pat Aquino: Most of our work has been for private commercial systems. We wanted to create something for the individual person so we decided on home inventory software. Future plans for My I.C.E. Plan will include cataloging CD/DVDs, books, vehicle maintenance programs. the plan is to include these features into My ICE Plan with no price increase.

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