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  WOT Services Ltd
WOT Services Ltd motto:
Community-powered tools that boost trust on the web

Publisher Description

WOT Services Ltd. provides unique community-powered tools that boost trust on the web. WOT is a new company, founded with investment from sources such as Michael Widenius (MySQL founder) investment company Open Ocean, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd. and private investors.

Most Downloaded Software: WOT for Chrome
Most Famous Software: WOT for Chrome
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Website: http://www.mywot.com
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An interview with Deborah

FW Editor: What are your plans or objectives in the near future?
Deborah: The objective of WOT is to boost trust on the web. Our rating community (which numbers over 12 million in August 2010) has rated 30 million websites for trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety. The more people we have rating sites, the more reliable WOT becomes, and the more protection it offers when people surf, shop or search the web.

FW Editor: How and when did you start writing the code for WOT for Chrome? What inspired you the most? Do you plan to develop new software, or are you more focused on optimizing the current ones?
Deborah: The creators of WOT wanted to make a system that would tell people if a website is trusted. The first version was released July 4, 2006 and since then we have been improving it and adding information that we think has value to our community.

FW Editor: Is there any difference between WOT for Chrome and WOT for other internet browsers?
Deborah: WOT for Chrome is very similar to WOT for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Safari is the newest browser we support, and there are some slight variations, but nothing major.

FW Editor: Do you plan to improve or change WOT for Chrome in any way? If yes, how are you going to do that?
Deborah: Google Chrome (and Safari too) does not allow users to block sites that have a poor or unknown reputation. This feature is popular with parents who have small children using the Internet, so if Chrome ever allows it, we will put in back in.

FW Editor: How many websites are rated, so far, for WOT for Chrome?
Deborah: The WOT community has rated nearly 30 million websites and adds half a million to a million new sites every month.

FW Editor: Can you tell us more about the most important features and tools available in WOT for Chrome?
Deborah: With the WOT add-on installed, users can see the reputation of a site right in the search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other sites like Wikipedia and Digg. Our traffic-light style icons notify you if a site is trusted or if you should avoid it and find something similar. Every site has a scorecard where you can learn more about why a site is rated, or add your own ratings and comments.

FW Editor: How can you describe WOT for Chrome in just a few words? Why
Deborah: WOT for Chrome is the world's leading community-based, free safe surfing tool that helps all web users stay safe as they search, surf and shop online.

FW Editor: What is your favorite WOT for Chrome feature and why?
Deborah: For online shoppers, WOT is invaluable for finding trusted online retailers. When you visit an unfamiliar shop, it's important to see if others have had a good customer experience before you give them your credit card number.

FW Editor: Can you tell us more about this feature? Why it is so important? Is WOT for Chrome the same without it?
Deborah: WOT tells you the rating of all kinds of websites, but it's important to have information on any site where you share personal information, sign up for something or complete a transaction. WOT also lets you share your own experiences, good and bad, to help others stay safe on the web too.

FW Editor: Thank you for this interview. WOT for Chrome is indeed an amazing concept and an extremely useful application. We are looking forward to see more great products from WOT Services Ltd.
Deborah: Thanks for featuring WOT, and we invite everyone to download WOT for Chrome to help boost trust on the web.

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WOT for Chrome

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