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Most Downloaded Software: Movi Pro
Most Famous Software: Movi Pro
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Website: http://www.yhasi.com/index.html
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An interview with The Yhasi Team

FW Editor: Firstly, please tell us some things about yourself because I am sure our readers want to know more about the developer of the amazing Movi Pro.
The Yhasi Team: Yhasi was founded in 2007 in St.Paul, Mn. by three automotive and technology enthusiasts. We formed Yhasi under the premise that a technology company can provide fun, affordable, intuitive software and hardware for consumers in areas which historically have been limited to technical, expensive, and difficult to use solutions.

FW Editor: How did you come up with the idea for such a software? Not many software of this kind were released until now.
The Yhasi Team: We understood that when a check engine light illuminates in our vehicles, there is a level of anxiety that accompanies it. We wanted to create a powerful yet simple software solution for an Apple computer, which offered one-of-a-kind features we desired that could provide the average person and professional alike, the ability to discover the mystery behind their vehicle and check engine light.

FW Editor: At the moment your software works only for Macs. Are you planning to make this program work on Windows also?
The Yhasi Team: Not only are we passionate about vehicles we also love our Macs. We wanted to develop our automotive diagnostic software application on a platform which provided the most stability, hence the Mac OS. We have no immediate plans to release a Windows version of Movi® or Movi Pro®. If our customers desire a Windows product, we are always open to the idea and welcome customer feedback.

FW Editor: Can you tell us more about this program features? What is your favorite feature of this program?
The Yhasi Team: Movi Pro® currently offers the following features: Check engine light reset - View and clear your diagnostic trouble code(s) and their description(s). Turn off your check engine light. Full screen graphing- Display up to four simultaneous graphs of engine data, full screen. Live engine data viewing - View selected live engine data in real time. Live engine data recording - Save selected live engine data in real time. Real time fuel economy - View your vehicles instantaneous fuel economy (MPG). Freeze frame data - Identify the state your vehicle was in when your check engine light was triggered. Diagnostic Recording - Save trouble codes, freeze frame data, onboard tests, and a live data snapshot to a single file. Onboard vehicle tests - View the diagnostic data your vehicle’s engine control unit performs upon every start. Our industry first ‘Voices’ feature - Audibly hear, in a human voice, a description of the selected engine value(s). Support for third party OBD 2 interfaces - Full support for third party compatible* OBD 2 USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi interfaces. We are huge fans of the Movi Pro feature “Voices.” Voices enables you to hear an audible human voice value of the aspect of the engine data in which you are interested. For example, if you are test driving a problematic vehicle, you can safely listen to engine data rather than taking your eyes your off of the road to observe the computer screen.

FW Editor: At the moment, Movi Pro is able to turn off the check engine light only. In the future, will it be able to affect the ABS, Air Bag and other dashboards?
The Yhasi Team: We currently have no plans for Movi Pro to address ABS or Air Bag indicator lights, however this direction may change.

FW Editor: Is this the only software you have developed? Do you have some new ideas for the future that you want to share with us?
The Yhasi Team: We also sell a more affordable, scaled down version of Movi Pro named Movi. Movi contains the same intuitive user interface and all of the features of Movi Pro with the exception of, Graphing, Recording, and Voices. We refrain from discussing future ideas. We are however, always innovating and discovering new approaches to software and hardware development.

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