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  Bahrudin Hrnjica
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Most Downloaded Software: Screen Painter
Most Famous Software: Screen Painter
Total Software Listed: 3
Website: http://bhrnjica.net/
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An interview with Bahrudin Hrnjica

FW Editor: What are your plans or objectives for the near future?
Bahrudin Hrnjica: I am .NET Software engineer, plan to develop .NET and Silverlight business application in the future.

FW Editor: What inspired you when you created Screen Painter?
Bahrudin Hrnjica: To have a tool I can make some drawing on the screen while holding presentation.

FW Editor: What is the purpose of Screen Painter?
Bahrudin Hrnjica: Painting on the screen on the top of the desktop of your windows.

FW Editor: Did you ever use Screen Painter as a tool on one of your meetings? Do you recommend people to use it at presentations and meetings?
Bahrudin Hrnjica: Yes, I recommend people to use ScreenPainter on presentation specialy when you want to draw on the screen with diferent line width as well as diferent colors.

FW Editor: Why did you publish the program code on your blog?
Bahrudin Hrnjica: To share knowledge and experience in programming in MFC and C++.

FW Editor: Do you plan to improve Screen Painter in the future?
Bahrudin Hrnjica: For now no, but if would been interes in ScreenPainter definetly I will.

FW Editor: Do you offer customer support for Screen Painter users?
Bahrudin Hrnjica: No,for now.

FW Editor: To end with, is there any message you would like to send to Screen Painter users?
Bahrudin Hrnjica: Viva open source :).

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Screen Painter
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GPdotNET Beta
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GPdotNET 2.0 Beta 3
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Screen Painter

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