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Nulana LTD is a privately held software company, founded in 2007. Since then we focused on creating great apps for Mac OS X and iOS platforms. We are a small team of thinkers, highly experienced in software craftsmanship. We are making our own products as well as implementing our customers ideas into life.

Most Downloaded Software: NuKit
Most Famous Software: NuKit
Total Software Listed: 6
Website: http://nulana.com/
Services: apps for Mac OS X and iOS platforms;
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An interview with Philip Philonenko

FW Editor: Your company is focused on developing applications for Mac OS X and iOS. Why this platform? Why not Windows which can bring a bigger profit and it is used by more people from all over the world?
Philip Philonenko: I just felt in love with Macs the time I met them :) I saw a lot of opportunuity in iOS in the time it was iPhone2G and no SDK was available. During talk with some high profile guy from the company doing consulting work for Microsoft he told Apple would never give away the access (SDK) to iPhone. Nevertheless, Apple did. So, in the time no one except first adopters were programming for iPhone using unofficial I started doing it. Finally, we got first clients and company started.

FW Editor: What inspires you when you start to develop a new software?
Philip Philonenko: All software comes from unresolved problems. If we see the problem and feel we can do it the way people love, we try to solve it. That's the case with NuKit, that's the case with our upcoming (secret) thing for Mac OS X and iPad. :)

FW Editor: Can you tell us a few things about NuKit?
Philip Philonenko: As almost all of us are switchers to Mac, someone from Linux world, someone from Windows world, we start to miss the useful or convenient things we used to. That's the story with NuKit. It started as simple launcher and window mover. After you get some traction and user feedback, as you learn the platform better, you start to feel what would make your product even more attractive. So, we listen to our users, we listen to ourselves and try to be practical.

FW Editor: NuKit has quite an interesting evolution since its first version until now. How do you see NuKit in the future?
Philip Philonenko: NuKit is child now. It's just 1.1.5. Still, it's more than a year of development behind and even more coming in the future. What we're trying to do is to listen people using NuKit. We got so enormous feedback from customers and macdeveloper.net guys (thanks!), so we made a plan we guess for a half a year minimum.

FW Editor: Real Zoom is an amazing feature for Safari. Can you tell us a few things about this feature? How does it work?
Philip Philonenko: Basically, Real Zoom does what the zoom button, as we think, is really supposed to do. Extremely simple - it just maximizes the window to the whole screen. As you used to it in Windows or Linux. Using NuKit RealZoom works if you right click green button of any Mac app window.

FW Editor: As NuKit evolves really fast, a user (customer) must update his NuKit constantly. Are these updates for free?
Philip Philonenko: Yes. All updates of 1.x versions are completely free. We also have 30 days money back guarantee.

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NuKit 1.1.6
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Shortcuts - Nulana Ltd 1.2.1
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Launcher - Nulana Ltd 1.2.0
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Flexiglass 1.0
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Remotix 1.2 Build 10972
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Remotix 0.9.7 Build 163 Beta
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